All-in-One Presentation Management

  • Create and share presentations in minutes
  • Manage presentation content and slide updates across your enterprise
  • PowerPoint slide library that’s easy to manage and easy to use

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Share presentations online. And files, slides and decks from anywhere using any device.

Shufflrr allows you to manage PowerPoint presentations and files with your marketing, training and sales teams quickly and easily. Quickly search and find the exact slide, video or deck you need and get them to who needs them without file loss and time-consuming emails. Know where everything is and get it to who needs it quickly and easily. Now that makes presentation management easy.


Build your best compliant presentation in minutes!

Shufflrr allows you to easily repurpose slides to create new decks from anywhere, using any device, without sacrificing presentation compliance. Challenges with version control, design consistency and legal compliance are all easily managed. Preview and search for slides and files, then create and save new decks all in a few minutes.


Share presentations online, from any device, anywhere.

Broadcast your presentations online. Shufflrr’s live theater lets you invite anyone to view your presentation, where you can show them a prepared PowerPoint deck, or spontaneously present any slide or file, from anywhere in your Shufflrr library, on the fly. It changes the dynamic of a typical, passive, linear slide show, and turns it into an interactive and engaging meeting.

Document Management that Ensures Presentation Compliance.

Shufflrr organizes your PowerPoint slides, video, images and documents for presentations.

PowerPoint Slide Library

Manage PowerPoint presentations and ensure presentation compliance across your enterprise. Manage hundreds to thousands of slides and marketing, training and sales materials from one place.

Presentation Compliance

Ensure that everyone in your organization is accessing branded, compliant presentation material, all of the time.

Document Management

Not just PowerPoint! Shufflrr supports MS Office files, images, PDFs, PSDs, and video files: WMV, AVI, MPG, MP4, M4V and MOV.

PowerPoint slide level search

Find the slide you need, when you need it. Shufflrr's search targets not only file names and tags, but also slide content, speaker notes and meta data.

Create new decks in half the time

Easily move between presentations and preview slides before adding them to your new deck. Then, drag and drop the slide(s) and files you want into a new PowerPoint file.

Broadcast Presentations Live

Broadcast live and share any presentation online with Shufflrr. Just click the "Live" button to invite others to view what you are viewing. No plug in, no software, it just works in any browser.

Enterprise grade file sharing

Share links to files and collaborate with collegues in a private folder.

Social Presentations

You can “like” and “comment” on files, making it easy for a closed group to share their business experience and knowledge, as it relates to sales and marketing materials.

Salesforce integration

Single Sign On with your Salesforce account to access Shufflrr can be running within an hour. One less user name and password for your team to remember.

Slide Updating

Slide updating guarantees message and presentation compliance. Shufflrr automatically updates slides in child presentations when you update a parent presentation. Updates can be forced or user’s choice.

Presentation Management solves real world business problems.

Pharmaceutical Speakers Bureau

Sales Enablement


See it in Action


Upload your files

Easily upload files by clicking the above. A window will drop, where you can drag and drop files from your desktop into the shufflrr.


Share files using any device

You can share any file with anyone using the Share Link. The link can viewed any browser or downloaded to a device. The Share Link can be found beside the file name, in the file header or share multiple files with a single link from the Browse page.


Build your best presentation in minutes!

Drag and drop slides, videos and files to create New Presentations, change the order of slides and save when you are done. PowerPoint slides retain all animations, videos become full page slides and other files embed when downloaded.


Present from any device, anywhere

View a presentation by clicking the icon which can be found in the file header and at the bottom of each file thumbnail. Show (broadcast) your presentation by clicking the button at the bottom of your slide show. A secure ID is issued which allows your guests to view your presentation, live.


Search for your slides

Search deep within PowerPoint presentations for file name, slide title, slide content and speaker notes. Shufflrr returns slide thumbnails under their respective file names. Click on a thumbnail to view a slide and its original presentation.


Manage users and groups

Click on the icon in the top toolbar for user management and administration. Easily manage users, groups, file tags, site settings and billing.


  • Free
    for 30 days
  • Full functionality
  • 10 GB
  • $20
    per user/month
  • min. 5 users
  • Full functionality
  • 100 Gb
    +5 GB for every user over 5
  • $15
    per user/month
  • min. 50 users
  • Full functionality
  • 1 TB
    +10 Gb for every user over 50
  • $10
    per user/month
  • min. 100 users
  • Full functionality
  • Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

What file types are supported?

Shufflrr supports ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, mov, avi, mp4, wmv, pdf, png, psd, jpg, gif, bmp files.

How many slides can I create?

As many as your heart desires.

What payment methods are available?

We accept Credit Cards, electronic bank transfers, as well as old fashioned checks usually issued against Purchase Orders. Credit card is the prefered method.

Can I share files with my colleagues?

Yes, you can. Just send a link to a specific file. File share links can be viewed in our online presentation format and offered for download. Additionally, you can go LIVE while viewing any presentation in the Shufflrr Theater.

What browsers are supported?

Shufflrr works in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE 9,10,11. Note: earlier versions of IE 8 or older have limited functionality.

Can I like and comment on my files and slides?

Yes, like and comment on every slide, video, image, powerpoint so your team is kept aware of updates and changes to presentation material.

Can I give User access to specific presentations?

Easily create, edit, maintain and delete user access. You can organize users into Groups who get permission to specific folders. For example, you might create a Training Group and a Sales Group. Then, create Training and Sales folders and assign permisisons respectively.

How does the free trial work? What happens when it ends?

You can try Shufflrr free for 30 days! Once your trial ends, we'll ask for your credit card information to continue your paid plan.

Can I upload multiple files?

Drag and Drop from your desktop to the browser. A cueing system allows you to see the progress of each individual file.

Do you offer training?

Yes, a couple of ways for training:

  1. On the home page, when you login, there is a quick tutorial, with How-To videos for the core functions that you need to do to get started.
  2. In the Global folder, there is a “Shufflrr How-To” folder, which has those same How-To videos.
  3. We offer live training hosted either in person or web meeting, one-on-one or for groups of any size. Just call or email us, and we will customize a training program to your needs.
What is the storage limit?

It depends on your price model. Please see Pricing section.

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