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Presentation Management Is Risk Management

AlexAnndra Ontra

Companies can’t afford to mislead their customers and the public—willingly or otherwise. Doing so can lead to severe fines and a drastic loss in revenue as fleeing customers look elsewhere for substitutes. However, by investing in a powerful presentation management…

Presentation Sstrategy

Indezine conversation with James Ontra: Presentation Management is Strategic to Enterprise Communication.

Created: Thursday, July 27, 2017, posted to Indezine by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:30 am James Ontra from Shufflrr discusses how presentation management is strategic to enterprise communication in this conversation. Geetesh: James, in your opinion how is Presentation Management strategic to enterprise communication?…


This NYC Startup Raised $200K for Intelligent Presentation Management

Published by AlleyWatch.    Every audience is different and therefore every sales pitch should be different. Unfortunately, we like to reuse sales presentations hoping that our pitch will stay effective regardless of the audience. While the solution is to individualize every…

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Salespeople Burn 50+ Hours Each Month Managing Presentations

The average salesperson spends way too much time managing presentations. In this post, we’ll help you learn how your organization can streamline presentation management and reclaim thousands of hours—increasing your team’s effectiveness and boosting your bottom line. Some key ideas…

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If You Want Brand Consistency, Manage Your Logo on PowerPoint Slide Masters

Shufflrr allows you to apply a PowerPoint Slide Master to any new presentation. The image below shows how to drag any slide to apply a PowerPoint Master Template to any new presentation within Shufflrr. This seems easy and it is. But,…

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Manage Slide Masters in PowerPoint 2016 for Shufflrr

Shufflrr allows you to apply a PowerPoint Slide Master to any new presentation. The image below shows how to drag any slide to apply a PowerPoint Master Template to any new presentation within Shufflrr. This seems easy and it is. But,…

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The Value of Presentation Management

AlexAnndra Ontra

Good Presentation Management helps organizations seamlessly manage everything from brand assets to communication and much more. It can be the turning point in a winning pitch, the most common form of customer communication and the winning strategy that powers your…

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How Presentation Management Supports M&A Success

AlexAnndra Ontra

Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise these days. According to Ernest & Young, there were 33% more deals in 2016 than there were the year prior. It appears as though there will be even more deals this year, with…

Roundtable Discussion:

pr, israel

"Nowhere to turn" will commemorate the 70th anniversity of the Kristallnacht Pogrom, examining the events that lead to it, how immigration policy affected the outcome and the lessons that learned [organized by the Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Porgramme].

Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information Kiyo Akasaka will make opening remarks. The keynote speaker will be H.E. Ms. Gabriela Shalev, new Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations.

Other participants to include an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor who witnessed the events of the Kristallnacht Pogrom, and Prof. PAN Guang, Professor of Jewish Studies in Shanghai, China, to discuss the development of the Jewish community in Shanghai as a result of the Kristallnacht Pogrom.

How Presentation Management Drives Better Speaker Bureaus

AlexAnndra Ontra

From compliance to compelling content, managing what is communicated and how it is reviewed is a critical element of all speaker bureaus. However, with the right Presentation Management strategy challenges can become substantial opportunities to engage and “wow” your audience. In…


Presentations are Enterprise Marketing

In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, presentation management strategies typically fall into one of three categories. To effectively differentiate your company from the competition, it is incumbent upon marketing professionals to resist these trends, as they are more aptly described as…

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