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The Definitive Guide to Presentation Management: A Summary

Today’s leading organizations are increasingly adopting presentation management strategies to get a better handle on their enterprise content. These strategies allow presentations to be used as enterprise assets that can be translated across platforms and opportunities. Learn why this trend...
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Building a Corporate Presentation Template 1604197 Edited

Brand Strategy: Building a Corporate Presentation Template

by Alex Leopold When you land the job of creating or re-branding a large or even mega-size company’s identity there’s usually a long list of people involved on both the client and agency side of the business and everyone wants...
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Presentations Are Enterprise Assets

October 25, 2017
Brianna McEwan
Large companies routinely spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars producing TV commercials and designing websites. But, traditionally, many of them don’t invest the same level of resources into their presentations—despite the fact that presentations are important revenue-generating assets. Today’s...
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Embed Fonts

Safe Font Alternatives in PowerPoint

We learned that fonts do matter in PowerPoint, and this is certainly true when you must share your presentations with those who may not have the same fonts installed as the ones you used. What are the implications? Does this...
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Presentation Management is Better Content Management

September 19, 2017
Jon Winkel
Do you know whether your organization is using its best digital assets to increase conversions and drive sales? And even if you are, are relevant stakeholders—like members of the sales team, executives and financiers—able to easily retrieve those assets? Or...
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