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Safe Font Alternatives in PowerPoint

We learned that fonts do matter in PowerPoint, and this is certainly true when you must share your presentations with those who may not have the same fonts installed as the ones you used. What are the implications? Does this...
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Presentation Management is Better Content Management

September 19, 2017
Jon Winkel
Do you know whether your organization is using its best digital assets to increase conversions and drive sales? And even if you are, are relevant stakeholders—like members of the sales team, executives and financiers—able to easily retrieve those assets? Or...
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Fonts Matter

Fonts Matter

A Presentation Management strategy delivers a consistent brand and message; however, without a strategy for fonts, you can get tripped up in delivery.   In this post, Microsoft MVP Geetesh Bajaj helps us understand some of the best practices, as well...
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Presentation Management Is Risk Management

August 9, 2017
AlexAnndra Ontra
Companies can’t afford to mislead their customers and the public—willingly or otherwise. Doing so can lead to severe fines and a drastic loss in revenue as fleeing customers look elsewhere for substitutes. However, by investing in a powerful presentation management...
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Presentation Sstrategy

Indezine conversation with James Ontra: Presentation Management is Strategic to Enterprise Communication.

Created: Thursday, July 27, 2017, posted to Indezine by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:30 am James Ontra from Shufflrr discusses how presentation management is strategic to enterprise communication in this conversation. Geetesh: James, in your opinion how is Presentation Management strategic to enterprise communication?...
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