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Your Entire Business Should Present Like its CEO

The oldest and most effective way to get your point across is through a story. For thousands of years, people across all cultures and religions have used storytelling as a means to educate society. Stories have emotion and empathetic characters...
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How to Maximize the ROI on Your Presentations

January 26, 2018
AlexAnndra Ontra
Despite the enormous role they play in business, many presentations are created, used once and then forgotten forever. This is an ineffective and wasteful approach which costs money and time while making it harder to sell. With a presentation management...
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Change Background Styles in the Slide Master in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

In PowerPoint 2016, the Slide Master influences the layout and look of all slides in your presentation. Make changes to the Slide Master and those changes reflect on your presentation slides. For example, you can apply another Background Style so that all Slide...
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Slide Master view in PowerPoint 2016

Tips to Leverage Slide Master View in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Brand integrity is a critical element of Presentation Management.  PowerPoint’s Slide Master’s will promote your brand, with the right logo and graphics, consistently through everyone’s presentations in your company.  Plus, Slide Masters just make it easier for everyone to create a polished,...
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New Year, New Goal: Track and Record Presentation Activity.

December 28, 2017
Patrick McKenna
It is that time of the year, 4th quarter. The weather is changing, deadlines are shorter and everybody’s just a little bit more wound up than usual. Do not be discouraged friends, it is time to finish strong, crush our...
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