Presentations are a vital element of the marketing mix, but they are often overlooked.  They are created for a single meeting with vital knowledge embedded within the slides.  But after the meeting, they get lost somewhere on your network.  One and done.  A resource wasted.  Shufflrr brings all of the mission critical information hidden within those slides out into the open where your team can find and re-use it.  Shufflrr leverages your investment in brand and message, it ensures compliance and it makes everyone more productive and effective.  Shufflrr is presentation management.

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Powerpoint Slide Library that’s easy to manage and easy to use.

Control messaging across your enterprise, share files easily, and create decks in half the time.

Update slides and manage content across your enterprise.

Suggest or force updates across your network. Stay consistent in your presentations.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Shufflrr tracks your usage by slide, file, user, activity, share, likes and comments.

Security & Compliance You Can Trust

Shufflrr’s transactions are encrypted and sites are compliant with HIPAA, SOC, PCI ISO FedRAMP and more.


Finally, PowerPoint is Powerful.

A new discipline called presentation management is bringing decades-old presentation technology into the 21st century. Find out how to store and manage slides in the cloud so slides can easily be used, reused, shared, updated, tracked and organized across your entire organization.
Your slides will become smart – embedded with data and analytics so you can actually gauge their performance.
This is a guide on how to adopt presentation management, make it work, and use it to drive change in your presentation culture.


Some of our Esteemed Clients

The fastest growing companies in the world employ presentation management strategies. Do you?

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The Definitive Guide to Presentation Management

This comprehensive eBook might just be our greatest achievement yet! Inside, you’ll get our most closely guarded tactics, techniques, strategies, and ideas – all built on our decades of experience implementing Presentation Management solutions. We cover everything from our deepest learnings to very granular, step-by-step processes.

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