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Convey your complex information clearly with graphics that are accurate, efficient, and beautiful.

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About Roy Illustration

Roy Illustration is an award-winning biomedical illustration and visualization studio. We specialize in medical, biological, and scientific illustration, animation, data visualization and design.

Roy Illustration has been servicing research institutions, hospitals, attorneys, consulting agencies, and technology companies around the world since 2012. Lead artist Laura Roy trained at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and she has been featured as an innovative medical artist in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association).


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What to expect when hiring us

The process can be adjusted for the needs of your projects, but your experience will probably be something like this:

  1. Concept Development – We work with you to understand and distill your unique project needs
  2. Preliminary Designs – We innovate and prepare initial sketches and/or storyboards
  3. Final Artwork – We using cutting-edge techniques and software to turn your project into art
  4. Delivery – We deliver your project on time, every time




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About Laura Roy
Laura Roy headshot

A Johns Hopkins Medicine grad in the field of medical art, Lara Roy is the lead artist at her award winning biomedical illustration and visualization studio. She specializes in medical and biological illustration, animation, data visualization, design and 3D printing. Medical specialties include cardiac and neuro anatomy.
Laura is experienced in conveying complex information from scientific and medical research using digital and traditional visualization. Her work demonstrated a commitment to creating illustrations that are accurate, efficient and beautiful.

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