Presentations for Pharmaceutical Speakers Bureau


Knowing that your Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are using the most up-to-date, FDA compliant presentations while at the same time, making it easy for them to customize their own presentation for their own meeting can be a huge challenge, and an expensive one. (Well, actually not anymore.) Shufflrr’s Presentation Builder makes it simple. It lets you manage the presentations. You dictate which slides, which videos or other files go together and in what order. The KOL just chooses the core subject matter, and the supporting slides follow accordingly. It’s presentation management for speakers bureaus made easy!


Presentation Compliance

Ensure required slides are presented alongside correlating content. Match slides by subject matter. Manage who has access to what content.


Easy to Use

Eliminate guesswork on the KOL’s part, by matching the content and predetermining the order of slides, or put another way, a logical flow of information. They can create a new deck in minutes.


On Demand

It can be up and running in days. The hardest part is usually getting the content approved by regulatory.


Integrates with Other Solutions

Ideal for healthcare agencies who represent pharmaceutical companies. We’re happy to partner with you, and even integrate Shufflrr with your solution.

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