Shufflrr Launches Shufflrr Events to Manage Speaker Presentations

Shufflrr, a pioneer in presentation management, announced it is launching Shufflrr Events, a new offering geared towards conference coordinators to help them manage presentations, on June 24 at The 2015 New York Venture Summit, a conference hosted by youngStartup Ventures that connects early-stage companies with investors, which is using Shufflrr Events to manage its presentations.

Shufflrr created its events-focused package after identifying that its solution, which launched in April of 2014 to enable sales and marketing managers to better manage presentations for their sales forces, could also help conference organizers manage presentations, a tedious process that often ends up detracting from presentations when it goes wrong.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at conferences where something goes wrong with the presentations,” said James Ontra, CEO and Co-Founder of New York City-based Shufflrr. “Managing presentations at conferences is no easy task — some have upwards of 100 speakers in a dozen different rooms. We’re excited to be offering our solution that has been proven successful for the companies for which we manage presentations, to those hosting conferences. This will save them a lot of time and money – and some speakers a lot of embarrassment.”

Shufflrr is a unique cloud service that lets users store and share PowerPoint presentations in a single place, as well as let them build presentations from those existing slides. The Shufflrr Events package has a unique feature that allows coordinators to easily store and sort hundreds of presentations by speaker, category and track. It also allows organizers to grant speakers access to their presentation only.

“Collecting hundreds of presentations from different speakers is tough enough, but getting them to the rooms where they are presenting is even tougher,” said Joe Benjamin, Founder & CEO of youngStartup Ventures. “Shufflrr collects the presentations and videos, and puts them on the right podium – it makes our events run smoothly.”

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