Alternative to Sharepoint Slide Library

Microsoft discontinued its slide library in Sharepoint 2016, yet we still have lots of website visitors looking for an answer.  If you’re one of those, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Check out Shufflrr’s slide library. It lets you preview individual slides and presentations, use key word search for slides, and then add them to a new presentation — all without having to open PowerPoint, and all within minutes.

Shufflrr Slide Library

Shufflrr is the alternative to Sharepoint Slide Library that’s easy to use, affordable, and robust

Shufflrr is the easy way to find that one slide, out of thousands. And it’s much more robust than Sharepoint slide library ever was.  So if you are experiencing Sharepoint slide library withdrawal, try Shufflrr.  It’s the category leader in Presentation Management and slide library solutions.

Click Here to get a Demo today.

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