Getting Started with Shufflrr – Quick Tips to Setting up your Slide Library

Shufflrr is easy to use.  The biggest challenge for most of our clients, is figuring out which files to upload into their slide library.  When you look on your network, there are thousands of files.  And they all have good stuff.  It seems like a daunting project.

But it’s not.  Just think 20/20.  20 files, 20 slides each.

  • Pick your top 20 files. They can be the most recent or the best, or a combination of both.
  • Delete any duplicate slides. That will make distributing updates easier in the future.
  • Break out those 20 files into core modules, by subject matter. These should be short PowerPoint files, around 20 slides. Avoid 100+ slide PowerPoint decks! They are difficult to manage long-term.
  • Some examples of would-be modules for your slide library:  product description, case studies, company background, services, industries served, areas of expertise, investor relations, business units, executive bios, etc


  • Save out each module as its own PowerPoint file.
  • Upload into Shufflrr.

The great thing about Shufflrr’s slide library is that will change with your business.  These files are not etched in stone.  They can be deleted or updated at any time.  And Shufflrr will keep an archive of the earlier versions.

The idea is to keep it simple, and break the project into smaller, phased tasks.  It’s so much easier to manage that way.

And if you need help, we include 4 hours of consulting with every new subscription.  So just call us.

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