Transform Sales Presentations Into Sharable Content


It’s no longer one and done—a presentation management platform enables reps to access all of a firm’s presentation content, past and present, for on-the-spot demos

Whether they’re created for a meeting taking place in person or online, for internal planning or for external sales, presentations represent a repository into which all critical company information eventually makes its way. But as a category of communications, the presentation is often overlooked. Presentation files contain a wealth of knowledge, yet that knowledge too often becomes lost on the network or in an email after the meeting; in other words, presentations are too frequently one and done, with very few considering their long-term value. As a result, companies are wasting a vital resource.

Employing a presentation management strategy, whereby you treat presentations as a communications platform within your enterprise, lets you exploit the cumulative knowledge within presentations. Presentation management enables you to distribute, update, share, broadcast, present, and track presentation material; all files—PowerPoints, video, images, PDFs, Word files, Excel charts, etc.—are formatted to present at a moment’s notice. It’s like putting a tap on the company’s well of knowledge.

Presentation management transforms dormant files into active working content, making them accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere. While it is useful enterprise-wide, its most valuable impact is on marketing and sales—the former because it painstakingly crafts the company’s brand and message, and then implements that message into various media, and the latter because it is charged with communicating the brand’s value proposition in order to generate revenue.


Presentation Management and Marketing

Marketing departments spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year perfecting their brand messages for TV, print, Web, collateral, trade, events, and social. They take painstaking effort to develop strategies, craft messages, execute the plans, and then measure the results. But when it comes to presentations, they slap a logo on a PowerPoint template and let every salesperson fend for themselves. And even the more disciplined marketing teams that actually make the effort to prepare presentations for their sales teams still don’t institute an efficient means for distributing the presentations and tracking their effectiveness. It’s a lost opportunity, because what transpires during the sales meeting directly affects the company’s bottom line.

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