Moving off Sharepoint Slide Library – Adjusting to Change

Who Wants Change

No one likes change.  It upsets the status quo, and messes with our expectations.  We prefer the Devil we know over the Saint that may or may not be just another devil.  Change is hard.  But ingenuity, creativity and curiosity is human nature.  It’s what we do.  We push the envelope and create new technologies that move us forward.  So get on the bullet train or get left behind.

And there ends my philosophical rant.

Now let’s apply the idea of change to a more common situation like changing from Sharepoint slide library.  A lot of clients are calling us because Sharepoint has discontinued its slide library.  They’ve had their PowerPoint decks stored in their Sharepoint slide library for years and have workflows and approval processes built around it.   And now they are forced to find a replacement.  Not surprisingly, the solutions they are considering today also happen to be more advanced than their 10+ year old Sharepoint slide library.  The new solutions have many of the same features and benefits (ie: content storage, slide preview, tagging, grouping, reporting) but better with a nicer interface.  Yay!  This change is an opportunity for improvement in your organization.  The pitfall lies in trying to force-fit your old processes onto the new solution. Resisting change is a direct path to disappointment and ultimately failure.

You can’t do it that way because we’ve been doing it this way for a thousand years.”

“This is how we do it.”

Sound familiar?

We’ve all heard it before.  Not just with Sharepoint slide library but in almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives.  It’s like being back in 1879 and trying to force the new light bulb into a kerosene lamp.  You’d be left in the dark.  The Resister-to-Change usually gets a lot of attention at first– because everyone is a little afraid of change – but eventually will be left behind.  Moving off of Sharepoint slide library on to a newer, easier system could very well open up the content to everyone in your organization because it will be easier for them to find and re-use files.  And as a result, might provide new opportunities for that same Resister because he will no longer be bogged down in other people’s PowerPoint decks.

In Change Management 3.0 Virginia Satir presents a break-build version of change management that perfectly applies to what is happening with SharePoint and its Slide Library functionality. As you’ll see below. SharePoint, while once innovative, has reached late status quo, especially as it relates to it’s Slide Library functionality. As a result, they’ve elected to end support for the feature set.

Change Management Time Cycle Virginia Satir

Next, the decision to end support is the foreign element that has precipiated the need to change systems. The chaos period is where you’re likely at today if you’re reading this post; trying to determine what solutions or changes will replace your existing system and processes. With all of the advances in Presentation Management platforms over the last 10 years, you have an opportunity to transform the way you leverage your presentations assets for maximum organizational impact, which we see in the transforming idea phase. Once you pick a new soluion you move through the final two stages into a new organizational paradigm where everyone, everywhere has access to compliant, compelling presentations and rich media.

Yes, change is hard but it is worth the initial effort and will eventually serve to benefit everyone in your organization.  Embrace change.  It makes the world a brighter place.


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