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Shufflrr Offers Organizations a Presentation Management System

Ryan Fisher

First published via Ethos3 by Gabrielle Reed Whether you work for a large organization or a small company, chances are that you have created more presentations throughout your existence than you can even keep track of reasonably. The team at Shufflrr…

Why to use APIs, explained in 18 words

Ryan Fisher

First published via TechTarget by Joel Shore Whether you read my site, SearchCloudApplications, another of the TechTarget family of websites, or any of the seemingly trillions of sites that write about application-development technology, three items stand atop the heap of coverage:…

Shufflrr cloud-based asset management reins in PowerPoint sprawl

Ryan Fisher

First published via TechTarget by Joel Shore Businesses can have hundreds of presentations — old and new — floating around with no way to impose control and compliance on their use. Shufflrr sees that as a SaaS opportunity. Creating PowerPoint…

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