Shufflrr Offers Organizations a Presentation Management System

First published via Ethos3 by Gabrielle Reed

Whether you work for a large organization or a small company, chances are that you have created more presentations throughout your existence than you can even keep track of reasonably. The team at Shufflrr concocted a cloud-based presentation management system to solve the problem of presentation sprawl.

“Presentation management treats presentations as valuable communications; you need to, for example, manage presentations on a global level so that sales teams presenting to potential customers are communicating the same message.” – James Ontra, CEO of Shufflrr

With this platform, presenters within a company can not only share their PowerPoint presentations and repurpose slides and other content easily, but they can also deliver presentations using Shufflrr and determine the ROI of your marketing efforts. With Shufflrr, department heads and organization leaders can be confident that their brand guidelines will be met in any presentation designendeavor. Furthermore, every slide and content asset is searchable in the database. You won’t have to spend hours looking for whatever piece of information you may need.

As many presenters, companies, brands, and organizations know, consistency is key to success. And this principle extends to all form of collateral – especially the presentation. With this system, managers will be able to obtain a grasp on how each content asset is being used and who is using it. Stepping into the realm of cloud-based analytics, Shufflrr’s service is an innovative way to leverage the somewhat-traditional PowerPoint presentation. Because the presentation management system also collects user data, it can become a tool for your content marketing strategy – potentially helping businesses increase their lists. The Salesforce integration only serves to add more value for the content marketer researching Shufflrr.

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