This NYC Startup Raised $200K for Intelligent Presentation Management

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Every audience is different and therefore every sales pitch should be different. Unfortunately, we like to reuse sales presentations hoping that our pitch will stay effective regardless of the audience. While the solution is to individualize every slideshow, this takes time that no one has…until now. Shufflrrthe slideshow management software, is making presentation management user-friendly. With a searchable library of slides, you gain easy access to your thousands of slides, making your presentations as customizable as ever. The Shufflrr software allows your team to work seamlessly through the manager system while you fearlessly make slides as the way you have always wanted.

AlleyWatch spoke with James Ontra about the Startup and how it plans to change sales pitches.

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

Shufflrr established a $200k loan that is collateralized as a royalty against our enterprise SaaS client contracts. Lighter Capital provided the funding.

We are using this loan to pole vault past the angel and seed rounds, so that our first equity round should be Series A or growth capital.

Tell us about your product or service.

Shufflrr is Presentation Management. It optimizes  more…

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