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Smiling pretty young woman making presentation for business people in office

Presentations Are Enterprise Assets

Large companies routinely spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars producing TV commercials and designing websites. But, traditionally, many of them don’t invest the same level of resources into their presentations—despite the fact that presentations are important revenue-generating assets. Today’s…


The Evolution of Presentations

First published via Martech Series by James Ontra Since PowerPoint launched 20 years ago, presentations, have basically remained the same. Yes, the aesthetics and features have improved; but the concept – create a presentation with a defined set of slides in…


Female-led startups celebrate in NYC

First published via New York Business Journal by Anthony Noto The N.Y.C. startup scene is filled with female business leaders who innovate, succeed and pay it forward — with a heavy emphasis on that last part. Two individuals who exemplify…

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