The Definitive Guide to Presentation Management: A Summary

Today’s leading organizations are increasingly adopting presentation management strategies to get a better handle on their enterprise content. These strategies allow presentations to be used as enterprise assets that can be translated across platforms and opportunities. Learn why this trend is happening—and what you can do to capitalize on modern presentation management tools.

Main Points:

  • While a great presentation can help your company get to the next level, a subpar presentation can ruin great sales opportunities.
  • By investing in a presentation management strategy and learning how to use it, your organization can increase the chances all presentations are great across the entire company.
  • We’ve put together a comprehensive ebook that will teach you why presentation management is important, what it entails and what you need to do to get started.


Presentations are vital enterprise assets that can make or break your company.

Give a great presentation and chances are you’ll close more deals and lock down more customers. Give a bad presentation, on the other hand, and those in attendance will at least think twice about doing business with you.

Despite how important it is to give excellent presentations, many of today’s organizations simply don’t give presentation management much thought. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see sales teams give presentations that are rife with inaccurate or outdated information. In other instances, they may simply forget to include the critical slides audience members need to see in order to sign a contract.

In an effort to drive competitive advantage, increase conversions and boost productivity, today’s leading organizations are investing in modern presentation management solutions.

Quite simply, presentation management empowers organizations to ensure that all of their sales teams are using the most effective decks when they’re pitching to prospects—no matter where they happen to be.

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Presentation management strategy enables organizations to stop treating their presentation assets like materials that are used once and then forgotten. Instead, it ensures that an organization’s best assets—whether those are slides, videos, audio files or images—are organized, stored, distributed, shared, presented and ultimately improved—all in one central repository. As a result, companies can be certain that their teams are presenting the best materials every time they pitch to prospects. To learn more about presentation management, download our ebook!

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The Benefits of Presentation Management

So why are today’s leading organizations implementing presentation management practices?

The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Consistent messaging. The last thing you want is for one sales team to say one thing and another to say something completely different. How can you expect customers to trust you if you aren’t even able to keep your messaging consistent across teams and platforms? With central presentation management in place, it’s much easier to ensure that employees are saying the same things to customers and are presenting a unified message. All presentation assets are stored in one central repository that’s accessible via any connected device. As a result, teams can ensure everyone is using the same files and therefore stays on the same page.
  • Cost-effectiveness. When a member of your team creates an amazing asset that proves to deliver results, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for a different employee to spend time creating a similar piece of content. Not only might that second piece of content not meet your standards, it’s just not a good investment of time (and therefore money).Thanks to presentation management, content is easy to find. Everybody knows where to look for the content they need—whenever they need it. This eliminates the likelihood that duplicative work is done thereby ensuring that organizations create content in the most cost-effective way. Investments in presentation management deliver amazing ROI. In fact, one study revealed that organizations that deploy enterprise content management and presentation management solutions enjoy a 400% return on their investments.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 4.40.15 PM[IDC: Worldwide Enterprise Content Management Market Shares, 2017: Shift to New Models]

  • Increased productivity. Since presentation management ensures that employees don’t have to invest their energies in producing content that mimics what their peers have already created, they’ll have more time on their hands to focus on other mission-critical aspects of operations. This means that productivity shoots up. Teams are able to get more work done—making their companies more competitive.
  • Better results. Presentation management enables you to clearly see which assets your organization is using the most thanks to analytics. In most cases, the most popular assets tend to be the slides and other pieces of content that have proven to convert prospects into customers. When you know which slides are most effective, you can tell your entire sales team which ones to use. As a result, you can almost guarantee better results because all of your employees will be pitching from the same decks that have proven to help salespeople close deals with ease.
  • Happier employees. We’ve all been there before. Hopping from folder to folder in search of an elusive file. Then maybe you find it—or at least think you do—only to realize you’re working off of an outdated draft. Not only is this a gross waste of time, it’s also extremely frustrating.  Imagine you’ve got to pitch to a slate of prospects later this week and you’re trying to track down the materials you’re going to use. But because of your cluttered and disorganized content environment, what should only take five minutes ends up taking two hours. It’s enough to drive you crazy! With a presentation management solution in place, however, it’s incredibly easy to find the digital assets you’re looking for. As a result of being able to use the new technology to find what you need without a headache, employees become happier—which translates into additional productivity gains. Who doesn’t like using new tools designed to make their jobs easier?
  • Security and control. With a presentation management solution in place, organizations are able to easily control who has access to which files. Additionally, reporting features enable organizations to easily see who presented what and when.
  • Risk management. Presentation management gives organizations the peace of mind that comes with ensuring product information is accurate and timely and that all communications and claims are compliant with external laws and regulations and internal policies. It also makes it much easier for companies to push out critical updates to messaging language and ensure that everyone is aware of the changes and incorporates them into their decks immediately. In other words, presentation management helps organizations ensure they are operating in a compliant manner at all times.

Now that you know why today’s leading companies are investing in presentation management, it’s time to take a look at what you can do to get started.

Getting Started with Presentation Management

How would you rate your organization’s presentation management capabilities?

If your company’s approach leaves something to be desired, don’t sweat it—we’ve got you covered.

We recently put together a comprehensive ebook that will teach you everything you need to know about presentation management as well as what you can do, specifically, to get started while increasing the chances your efforts are successful.

In the ebook, you’ll learn:

  • What presentation management is and why it’s important
  • The elements that are included in presentation management
  • Five steps to getting started with presentation management

Interested in learning more about how presentation management can transform your organization? Download our new ebook!

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