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New Year, New Goal: Track and Record Presentation Activity.

It is that time of the year, 4th quarter. The weather is changing, deadlines are shorter and everybody’s just a little bit more wound up than usual. Do not be discouraged friends, it is time to finish strong, crush our…


This Is How We Do It

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a client say, “But this is how we do it!” I could retire quite comfortably. Unfortunately, I don’t. So instead, I try to help our clients embrace change by demonstrating…


Presentation Studio – We write, design, manage and train on all types of presentations.

Presentation Studio is APAC’s leading presentation agency. We write, design, manage and train on all types of presentations for some of the most influential companies in the world. We provide onsite support and consultation for events and pitches. Plus, we…


Ink Factory – You Talk. We Draw. It’s Awesome.

Ink Factory is a team of artists who help you think and communicate through drawing. Visual note-taking is the art of translating conversations into real-time drawings. They’re a proven way to engage audiences and help people remember more information. They’re…


Shufflrr, Gensler, and SEO National on CEO Money

First published via CEO Money by Michael Yorba James Ontra CEO – Shufflrr He brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial expertise and 20 years of experience on both the sales and developmental sides of presentation management software. From the software’s…


Six B2B Sales Tools to Help You Finish the Year Strong

First published via MarketingProfs by Bonnie Halper With the year quickly coming to a close, many companies are looking for ways to ramp up their sales efforts to hit or exceed their projected numbers for the year. December can often…

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