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Ink Factory is a team of artists who help you think and communicate through drawing.

Visual note-taking is the art of translating conversations into real-time drawings. They’re a proven way to engage audiences and help people remember more information. They’re also the best way to capture live events and create memorable experiences for attendees in settings like presentations, meetings, conferences, keynotes and brainstorms.

Yes, we draw live!

The process of visual note-taking occurs in real-time and involves four steps:

  • First, we actively listen to what is said – from a keynote speech to a budget report, we can visualize anything.
  • Second, we filter out extraneous information and identify key concepts.
  • Next, we synthesize these concepts—we find common themes and connections.
  • Finally, we draw these concepts, themes and connections using illustrative text and visuals. These visuals act as metaphors for complex ideas, helping people remember and easily connect ideas and concepts.

A visual note-taker from Ink Factory draws on stage during a keynote presentation

Who we work with

We work with all sizes and kinds of organizations in any industry. We work with clients in a wide range of settings, too—everything from conferences and trade shows to brainstorms, corporate retreats and strategy sessions.


Illustration created by Ink Factory for a PowerPoint Presentation at Autodesk

This illustration for Autodesk was used in a presentation to educate their sales team – each section is a separate layer allowing the presenter to build as they talked

Other ways we help clients

Visual note-taking is just one way we help organizations capture ideas and engage people. Clients often turn to us to define, explain, and promote their businesses using:

  • Illustrations: These illustrations look similar to live visual notes, but are carefully planned and rendered to bring a specific idea or concept to life visually. For a presentation that is carefully planned, our illustrations are a perfect way to create a show stopping PowerPoint.
  • Visual Experiences: We work with clients to co-create visuals their audiences can experience up close. Visuals like murals, social media walls, time-lapse videos and LED light panels all draw in an audience. We also create galleries of our real-time visual notes so people can interact with the final drawings after an event ends.
  • Videos: These videos combine the concept of visual note-taking with stop-motion and animated graphics.

Audience members take photos of a completed visual note created by Ink Factory

Why use Visual Notes?

When visual note-taking is incorporated into a meeting or event, the audience wins. Here are four proven benefits:

  1. Greater accessibility: People are much better at seeing concepts in visuals than text (Trafton, 2014). In fact, the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text (Semetko & Scammell, 2012). This means when visual notes are incorporated into a conference or meeting, the audience will be able to more quickly process what is said.
  2. Improved comprehension: Research shows that when content is presented visually, people have an easier time drawing connections between ideas, leading to more and better ideas (Shiv, 2014). If you’re discussing complex information, or want your audience to actively share ideas, visual note-taking can help drive understanding and participation.
  3. Increased recall: We remember 80 percent of what we see, but only 10 percent of what we hear (Lester, 1996). This is because words are abstract and difficult for the brain to retain, but visuals are concrete and more easily remembered. In psychology, this is called the picture superiority effect.
  4. Stronger emotional connections: Thanks to the wiring in our brains, visuals cue emotional responses. These emotions are responsible for the decisions we make, and how well we remember information. Incorporating visual notes into a meeting or event is a great way to drive engagement and participation.

A visual note-taker captures a speaker's ideas live during a meeting

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