New Year, New Goal: Track and Record Presentation Activity.

It is that time of the year, 4th quarter. The weather is changing, deadlines are shorter and everybody’s just a little bit more wound up than usual. Do not be discouraged friends, it is time to finish strong, crush our quotas and take a few days for ourselves. As we move forward into the new year, it is necessary to leave those processes which have weighed us down all year in the dust. Let us set our sights on the sweet horizons that we have laid out for ourselves.

New Year’s resolutions often consist of burning off those Holiday pounds, painting that room in your house or for us young romantics out there, finally telling the girl of your dreams you love her! The oh so popular line of “new year, new me” often discredits the good parts of us. We may want to change the negative but still keep the positive aspects of ourselves.

Presentation Management can attest to these same principles for your company. Keep some of the slides that have been used the most, keep the ones which are the most effective, but loose the duds. If anything, we should find comfort in knowing that it will be even easier to access those same useful and effective slides. But if you are an enterprise company then how do you know which slides were the most popular?

Reporting. You can go through the entire slide repository, inspect the activity from the whole year.  This can be an overall look of your company’s activity, or can be specifically tailored to look at slides, presentations, comments, likes, log-in’s etc. You can even pin point to see what each sales rep is up to. The point is that it gives employees the ability to hone in and distinguish between what has and what has not been effective.

Everybody wants the best version of themselves, as can be said for presentation decks. After all, we are humans and we are constantly trying to improve. We can only improve by looking back and asking ourselves…

what did we do wrong?”

“what could have I done differently?” 

“what can I do better next time around?” 

As far as your presentations are concerned, reporting gives you concrete insight that will make you better.

Shed those pounds, paint that room, run those reports, make better presentations and double your quotas. Here’s to a better 2018 folks.

Happy New Year.

-Patrick J McKenna

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