Interactive PowerPoint Presentations. Kanye knows the power of the presentation following the conversation

If you want your audience to engage with your presentations, you need to make them interactive.

Main Points:

  • Interactive meetings are much more enjoyable from the audience’s perspective and much more effective from the speaker’s perspective.
  • Presentation management solutions enable you to make your presentations more interactive because you can easily access slides that reference an audience member’s questions—instead of sticking to a rigid outline.

On Oct. 11, rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West visited the White House for a working lunch with President Donald Trump.

Before they met in private, Kanye spoke to Trump, White House advisors and members of the media in the Oval Office. During his 20-minute oration, Kanye went on a tangent about the “flyest, freshest most amazing car” and hydrogen-powered airplanes—which he said the president should be flying around in.

Kanye is an eccentric artist who operates on a different level than most. Sensing that nobody in the room was fully understanding what he was saying, he proceeded to pull out his phone and show his audience some pictures to convey his points more effectively.

Kanye’s simple gesture—one many of us replicate during our own conversations—showcases one of the core tenets of successful presentations: The presentation follows the conversation. He quickly accessed slides that added visual proof of his ideas—instead of sticking to a rigid outline.

The Power of Interactive PowerPoint Presentations

Whenever you’re leading a presentation in front of an audience, the goal is to thoroughly convey your message. The easiest way to do that is to make your presentations as engaging as possible.

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Otherwise, there’s a good chance your audience won’t pay attention. In fact, studies suggest half of professionals don’t pay attention during presentations and meetings. Some check their email. Others send texts to their friends. Some catch up on shuteye. Other just stare off into space.

How do you make your presentations engaging? It starts with making them as interactive as possible and encouraging your audience to get involved.

As Kanye’s Oval Office speech revealed, great presentations follow the conversation—not the other way around. When you’re presenting, you never really know where the conversation will lead—particularly when you open up the floor for discussion.

If, for example, a member of the audience brings up a related but different point during your presentation—and you have slides that speak to that point—it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for you to stick to your rigid presentation outline when you can quickly pull up those related slides, engaging that audience member and everyone else interested in their point.

Compare that to listening to what the audience member has to say, commenting on it for a minute or so and then returning to your rigid outline and more or less ignoring the audience member’s insights.

Which approach do you think will deliver the best results?

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