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PowerPoints or PowerPain? Don’t Let Presentations Sap Your Productivity

AlexAnndra Ontra

First published via Business 2 Community by AlexAnndra Ontra No one ever danced their way to the office knowing that their day ahead was going to be filled with PowerPoint. Sitting in a meeting where a colleague drones on, and on, about…

Shufflrr Shares Tab in Reports

How To Reporting: Shares Tab

We have already explored most of the reporting modules in Shufflrr:  Dashboard, File, Slide, User, Activity, Likes, and Comments. In this post, we will look at the last module, Shares. To access the Shares module, you first access Reports, and then click on the Shares tab,…

Managing Media for Your Company’s Presentations

AlexAnndra Ontra

Most business presentations can be neatly divided into two component parts: content and performance.  Content development can be time consuming, especially when it comes to creating media – most often slideware –to use in your presentation. We can labor too…

How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Presentations

AlexAnndra Ontra

First published on December 7, 2018 on by AlexAnndra Ontra You put a lot of work into that presentation. Why not have a system in place for your company to get the most out of it? Instinctively after a…

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