The best storytellers in the world – media companies – tell their stories with Shufflrr

Like most media companies, your sales team probably isn’t within arm’s reach. It’s dispersed all over the country—or all over the globe. And each salesperson might have their own personal sales presentation sitting on their laptop. That’s bound to lead to problems, potentially very big ones:

    • Lost PowerPoint slides
    • Brand or message inconsistency
    • Non-compliant slides

With Shufflrr, you have the power to avoid all of those issues—because it gives your marketing department centralized control of all enterprise presentations. All the files your salespeople need are all in one place. They can easily get permission-based access to the files and build a presentation from tons of pre-approved slides, videos, documents, etc. Then they can just as easily present them or share them in the field.

How many times have your presentation creators fielded last minute, panicked requests from field salespeople, like:

“Hey, I have a meeting in one hour, where are the new demographics?”

“I can’t find the slide!”

“Do you mind, just, putting these few slides together for me?”

Marketing puts out these fires every day. Every time a last-minute request comes in, everything else drops. The day is derailed. Worse, the day is derailed by a request for something that already exists! Fewer fires to put out means the marketing team can put their resources to strategic initiatives that build the brand and push the business forward.

Once Shufflrr’s cloud storage, active files, slide libraries, visualization and search are up and running, anyone at your company with permissions can use it to build better presentations using the best content from your best people. And as that discipline spreads throughout your organization, you will notice some very interesting effects on the culture of presentations.

The old idea of one-and-done presentations fades away, and a new culture of reuse takes over. And the more a file and slide are reused, the more productive they become, and the higher the return on your content investment.

When your team creates new presentations from existing content, they will use a slide or file many times over again in different presentations for different meetings. More bang for your buck. Find the slide and file you need, when you need it, and then create a custom presentation using that file or slide. Presentation management strategy expedites this process.

Media companies are relentlessly focused on great storytelling. Now, they can do the same when it comes to their sales presentations. With Shufflrr, they can be far more engaging, more relevant and more effective. Best of all, presentations will be put together in far less time than you ever imagined.

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