Shufflrr Helps Travel – Tourism Companies Get Further Faster

Your sales team is probably wasting time—lots of time. But it’s not their fault. It’s just that they’re spending hours and hours putting together sales presentations: tracking down the right slides, searching, scrolling, copying, pasting. Was that Version 27 or 25? Time that could be better spent out in the field generating business.

With Shufflrr, presentation creation and usage happens far more efficiently. You can create great content once, and make it available over and over again to anyone in the organization.


Royal Caribbean cruise line implemented Shufflrr in their organization and their 300 person sales team saved 2.5 hours per sales presentation, meaning that 86,000 hours of productive time a year was unleashed. Do a little more math, and at a conservative $40/hr., you’re talking over $3,000,000 in cost savings!

Not only that, Shufflrr allows the presentations to follow the conversation. When clients throw your salespeople a curveball, Shufflrr’s effortless searchability comes to the rescue. No more winging it or ”I’ll get back to you on that.” The slide the presenter needs to handle the inquiry is there in seconds. What’s more, your messaging is consistent and up-to-date because the marketing department has centralized control of it.

With Shufflrr, your sales team will be operating far more effectively, in perfect sync with your marketing team. Which means that wherever your organization is headed, Shufflrr makes a great traveling companion.

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