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Terms of Service

This Terms of Service (the "Agreement") is between SHUFFLRR, LLC, a New York limited liability company ("Shufflrr" or "Us") and Customer or End User ("You"), as applicable. This Agreement governs access to and the use of the Shufflrr presentation, organization, hosting and sharing services (the "Services").

By signing up for or using the Services, you automatically agree to be bound by this Agreement. Any new features or tools which are added to the current Services will also subject to this Agreement. You can review the most current version of this Agreement at any time at this page. Shufflrr reserves the right to update and change this Agreement by posting updates and changes to the Shufflrr website. You are advised to check this Agreement from time to time for any updates or changes that may impact you.

In Human Speak

We at Shufflrr are really excited that you will be using our awesome presentation management services. Before getting started, there are a few things we need to talk about.

The Terms of Service is an important legal Agreement which establishes the relationship between you and Shufflrr. By using Shufflrr, you are agreeing to be bound by this Agreement.

In this column, we are including some quick notes to make it easier to understand than the dense legalese (even our lawyers get confused by it sometimes)

Please read this entire Agreement carefully and regularly check for updates. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at

Our joykill lawyers also want us to add that these notes do not supersede or replace the actual Terms of Service. But hopefully they make things a bit more human.


(a) Individual Customers. If you are ordering the Services, then by clicking "I Agree," by contracting with Shufflrr to provide the Services or by using the Services, you agree to this Agreement as a "Customer."

(b) Organizational Customers. If you are agreeing to this Agreement for the purpose of using the Services within an organization, you are agreeing to this Agreement on behalf of that organization and not in your individual capacity. You must have the authority to bind that organization to this Agreement, otherwise you must not sign up for the Services. By clicking "I Agree," contracting with Shufflrr to provide the Services or by using the Services, you represent and warrant that you are an agent of that organization with the authority to bind it to this Agreement.

Individuals signing up for Shufflrr for their own use are Customers

Individuals signing up for an organization are making that organization a Customer, and should only sign up if they have the authority to do so as part of their job. If you sign your organization up, it automatically becomes responsible for all aspects of this Agreement.

All Customers, whether individuals or organizations, are bound by the terms of this Agreement.

End Users: If you are using the Services as an employee, representative, contractor, affiliate or otherwise through your relationship with a Customer, then by clicking "I Agree" or using the Services, you agree to this Agreement as an "End User."

End Users are people who use the Services under the account of a Customer, such as their employer. End Users must abide by the terms of this Agreement.

1. End Users

(a) Accounts. When joining Shufflrr to use the Services, Customer or an Administrator (as defined in Section 2(b) below) designate by Customer will create an Account for you. Each Account is subject to the control of Customer through Administrators .

(b) End User Obligations. End Users must use the Services in compliance with this Agreement, the Shufflrr Acceptable Use Policy any employment obligations, the Customer's terms and policies, and subject to the control of Administrators. End Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of passwords and must notify an Administrator of any unauthorized use.

(c) Administrator Control. Administrators may have the ability to access, view, disclose, distribute, restrict, modify, use or remove any information uploaded, entered or stored in an End User's Account. Administrators may also have the ability to monitor, restrict, suspend or terminate access to an End User's account.

If you are an End User, your employer will send you log in information which you can use the first time you access the Services.

As an End User, you have certain obligations under this agreement. Don't violate this Agreement or our Acceptable Use Policy and always follow your employer's policies. You are responsible for keeping your password secure, so don't share it! If your account is compromised, you must notify an Administrator.

Ultimately, your employer owns the End User account. Administrators designated by your employer may have broad control over the account, including modifying or deleting it and any information you put on it.

2. Customers

(a) Upon signing up, Shufflrr will allocate to Customer a dedicated virtual space (the "Customer Site") in which Customer and End Users licensed under Customer's purchase of Services can use the Services. Customer will be solely responsible for the administration of the Customer Site.

(b) Customer may designate one or more End Users to be administrators ("Administrators") with access to the Administrative Console and certain Administrative privileges on the Customer Site. Such Administrators have abilities determined by Customer, which may include to (i) handle Shufflrr billing on behalf of Customer; (ii) create, suspend, delete and restrict access to End User Accounts; (iii) view, modify and remove End User accounts; (iv) create groupings of End Users with common or shared privileges ("Groups") and assign End Users to, or remove End Users from, such Groups; (v) upload and modify text, images, audio, video and other information to be shared with some or all End Users or Groups; (vi) view, modify or remove text, images, audio, video and other information that has been uploaded by End Users.

(c) Customer is responsible for (i) maintaining the confidentiality of passwords and Administrator accounts; (ii) managing access to Administrator accounts; and (iii) ensuring that Administrator use of the Services complies with this Agreement, the Shufflrr Acceptable Use Policy and Customer's own terms and policies. Shufflrr disclaims any responsibility respecting the internal management or administration of the Services for Customer or any Administrator's actions affecting End Users.

Every Customer gets a custom website, which we call the "Customer Site." The Customer and all of the Customer's End Users can log into that site to use the Services. The Customer is responsible for administration of the Customer Site.

Customers can designate End Users to be Administrators, giving them special powers. These special powers include handling billing, managing End User accounts and Groups, and managing files and content shared between Groups of End Users.

The Customer is responsible for keeping Administrator passwords secure, and making sure that the Administrators behave themselves, including abiding by this Agreement, the Acceptable Use Policy, and Customer's own policies. If an Administrator does something stupid or wrong, it's not Shufflrr's fault.

3. Customer Obligations

(a) Compliance. Customer agrees to use the Services in compliance with this Agreement and the Shufflrr Acceptable Use Policy. Customer will obtain and maintain any required consents from End Users to (i) allow Shufflrr to provide the Services and (ii) allow Administrators to engage in the activities described in this Agreement. Customer represents, and must ensure, that its End Users are governed by this Agreement and the Shufflrr Acceptable Use Policy, and consent to the Shufflrr Privacy Policy, and Customer is responsible for ensuring Administrator and End User compliance with this Agreement and the Shufflrr Acceptable Use Policy.

(b) Unauthorized Use & Access. Customer will prevent unauthorized use of the Services by its End Users and terminate any unauthorized use of the Services. The Services are not intended for use by End Users under the age of 13. Customer will ensure that it does not allow any person under the age of 13 to access or use the Services. Customer will promptly notify Shufflrr of any unauthorized use of, or access to, the Services.

(c) Restricted Uses. Customer will not (i) sell, resell, or lease the Services to Third Parties or (ii) use the Services for activities where use or failure of the Services could lead to physical damage, death, or personal injury. Customer, not Shufflrr, is responsible for regulation compliance connected to Customer's industry or vertical (e.g. SEC Regulations, HIPAA, etc.), and Customer is responsible for compliance with local law.

(d) Third Party Requests.
  • i. "Third Party Request" means a request from a third party for records relating to Customer or End User's use of the Services including information in or from a Customer or End User Shufflrr account. Third Party Requests may include valid search warrants, court orders or subpoenas, or any other request for which there is written consent from Customer permitting a disclosure.

  • ii. Customer is responsible for responding to Third Party Requests via its own access to Customer and End User information and accounts and the Customer Site. Customer will seek to obtain information required to respond to Third Party Requests and will request assistance from Shufflrr only if it cannot obtain such information despite diligent efforts.

  • iii. Shufflrr will make commercially reasonable efforts, to the extent allowed by law and by the terms of the Third Party Request, to: (A) promptly notify Customer of Shufflrr's receipt of a Third Party Request; (B) comply with Customer's commercially reasonable requests supporting its efforts to oppose a Third Party Request; and (C) provide Customer with information or tools required for Customer to respond to the Third Party Request (if Customer is otherwise unable to obtain the information). If Customer fails to promptly respond to any Third Party Request, then Shufflrr may, but will not be obligated, to do so.

(e) Communication Setting Management. Customer is responsible for maintaining all "opt-in/out" settings for communications from or via Shufflrr for all of Customer's End Users. Customer will use reasonable efforts to answer any requests from End Users regarding such settings.

Customer has certain obligations under this Agreement. Foremost, Customer agrees to follow the terms of this Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy, and it also agrees to make sure that all its Administrators and End Users do the same. Customer will also make sure it has consent from all of its End Users for Administrators to manage their accounts.

` Customer will not let End Users use the Services in any unauthorized way. Specifically, Customer will not allow anyone under the age of 13 use the services, and will let Shufflrr know right away if that happens.

This is an Agreement for Customer and its End Users to use the Service, so Customer can't resell the Services in any way. Also, don't use Shufflrr in any situation where the Services, or a malfunction in the Services could result in death or injury to humans. We really don't want that kind of responsibility. If Customer is in an industry that has really specific regulation, or local laws apply to Customer, it is Customer's responsibility to comply with such laws and regulation.

Shufflrr may receive a request from a third party (such as a law enforcement agency or court), which asks for information about a Customer's or an End User's use of Shufflrr.

It is Customer's, not Shufflrr's, responsibility to respond to any such request. Shufflrr will help gather the requested information only if the Customer tried to do so but was unable.

Shufflrr will try to notify Customer of any requests for Customer information, as long as we are allowed to by law. If Customer thinks a request is bogus, Shufflrr will help oppose it.

If Customer does not respond to a request, Shufflrr will decide whether to respond on its own.

There are certain communication settings, including notifications from Shufflrr, which can be turned on and off. The Customer is responsible for maintaining these settings for all its End Users.

4. Services

(a) Provision of Services. Customer and End User may access and use the Services made available by Shufflrr under this Agreement. The Services are the property of Shufflrr and are licensed to Customer and End User according to, and subject to, the terms of this Agreement and the Shufflrr Acceptable Use Policy.

(b) Facilities and Data Transfer. Shufflrr will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that all facilities and systems used to store and process Customer Data meet commercially reasonable security standards. By using the Services, Customer consents to any access, transfer, processing, modification and storage of Customer Data necessary to provide the Services. "Customer Data" means any data and content stored or transmitted via the Services by Customer or End Users.

(c) Modifications to the Services. Shufflrr may update the Services from time to time. If Shufflrr changes the Services in a manner that materially reduces their functionality or otherwise adversely affects Customer, Shufflrr will inform Customer, unless Customer has opted-out of communications of that type from Shufflrr

(d) Limitations on Use of Services. Shufflrr may impose reasonable limitations on bandwidth usage and allocation of computing resources for the Services.

Congrats, you get to use our awesome presentation software!

We are letting you use our Services, but they remain the property of Shufflrr and are provided to you on condition that you accept all the terms of this Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy.

We use best practices to make sure that all your data is safe and sound. You give us a limited right to access, transfer and modify your data—we need this right in order to provide the Services. But your data is still your data!

We are always working to make the Services better, so we will update it from time to time. If we ever make an update that significantly reduces functionality of the Services, we will notify you (as long as you opt-in to such communications).

We strive to offer high speed, low latency connections at all times. If any Customer or End User is causing network problems, we might impose reasonable use limitations in order to keep everything working for our other users.

5. Intellectual Property and Customer Data

(a) Reservation of Rights. THIS AGREEMENT DOES NOT GRANT SHUFFLRR ANY RIGHTS TO CUSTOMER'S OR END USERS' FILES OR THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS EMBODIED IN THOSE FILES EXCEPT FOR THE LIMITED RIGHTS NEEDED TO RUN THE SERVICES, AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH IN THIS AGREEMENT. This Agreement does not grant Customer or End Users (i) any rights to the Intellectual Property Rights in the Services or (ii) any rights to use the Shufflrr trademarks, logos, domain names, or other brand features. "Intellectual Property Rights" means current and future worldwide rights under patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, moral rights, and other similar rights.

(b) Limited Permission. Shufflrr may require Customer permission to perform certain actions or processes in connection with the provision of the Services, for example, hosting, processing, modifying or sharing data, information, content or files at Customer or End User's direction. This includes product features visible to Customer or End User, for example, image thumbnails, document previews and slide show previews. It also includes processes not visible to Customer or End User, which are made to technically administer the Services, for example, Shufflrr's data backup system. Customer consents to, and grants Shufflrr the permissions and rights Shufflrr needs to engage in all such activities, solely to provide the Services and for Shufflrr to meet its obligations and exercise its rights under this Agreement. This permission also extends to third parties Shufflrr works with to provide the Services, but only for the purpose of providing the Services.

(c) Copyright. Shufflrr prohibits Customers or End Users from any use of the Services which infringes on the rights of copyright holders. Shufflrr reserves the right, in its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice, to remove or disable access to any Customer or End User data, information, content, files or other material that we believe to be in violation of this Agreement, the Shufflrr Acceptable Use Policy or the rights of copyright holders. Please see our Copyright Policy for further information.

(d) Suggestions. We appreciate your feedback, which can be sent here. Once submitted, comments and suggestions become the property of Shufflrr. We may, at our discretion and for any purpose, use, modify, and incorporate into our products and services, license and sub-license any feedback, comments, or suggestions Customer or End Users send Shufflrr without any obligation to Customer or End Users.

e) Customer List. If Customer opts-in to giving permission to use Customer's name in a customer list, Shufflrr may include Customer's name in a list of Shufflrr customers on the Shufflrr website. This setting may be changed at any time from within the Admin Console.

(f) Open Source Code. The Services may incorporate certain independent code that is licensed under open source licenses ("Open Source Code"). To the extent that the Services are licensed to you, any incorporated Open Source Code incorporated therein is licensed to you in accordance with the applicable open source licenses. To the extent that these Terms conflict with any of those open source licenses, the conflicting terms and conditions will not apply to the corresponding Open Source Code.

Your data is your data!

Our intellectual property is ours! You are just licensing the Services and don't have any other rights except to use them as agreed. You can't use the Shufflrr logo or other brand features without our permission.

Due to the complexities of intellectual property law, there are a variety of rights that Shufflrr needs in order to provide our awesome presentation management services. You agree to grant us permission to do whatever we need with your data—access it, store it, modify it, transfer it—in order to provide the Services.

We respect copyright law and require our users to do the same. If we discover or are notified of infringing material on Shufflrr, we will decide what to do—which may include deleting your data. For more information, you can check out our Copyright Policy here.

We really value your feedback. If you give us a great idea, we might use it to make the Services better, but we won't be under any obligation to give you credit or pay you for it.

At sign up, we will ask your permission to use your logo on our website. If you give us that permission, we may include your logo on a list of our most favoritest customers, to show the world how cool we are for working with you.

Some aspects of the Service might be built on code that is "open source," and we wanted to let you know about that. It won't affect your use of the Services.

6. Support.

Customer will, at its own expense, respond to questions and complaints from its End Users or third parties relating to Customer or its End Users' use of the Services. Customer will use reasonable efforts to resolve support issues before escalating them to Shufflrr.

We are always there for you, but we request that Customers assign Administrators to deal with technical issues for End Users. If you gave it a shot and still can't get it working, please reach out to Customer Support and we'll take it from there.

7. Third Party Services

(a) Customer's Use. If Customer or End User uses any third-party service with the Services, (a) the service may access or use Customer's or End User's information; (b) Shufflrr will not be responsible for any act or omission of the third party, including the third party's use of Customer's or End User's information; and (c) Shufflrr does not warrant or support any service provided by the third party.

(b) Links to Third-Party Websites or Resources. The Services may contain links to third party websites or resources. Shufflrr provides these links only as a convenience and is not responsible for the content, products or services on or available from those websites or resources or links displayed on such sites.

If you use a third party service to access Shufflrr, that Service may be able to see your information. Shufflrr is not responsible for anything that the third party service provider does or doesn't do, and we can't guarantee that it will work right (or at all!).

Any links to third party websites that you find on Shufflrr are provided for convenience only, and we aren't responsible for anything that happens once you follow the link and leave Shufflrr.

8. Disclaimers

THE SERVICES ARE PROVIDED "AS IS," WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. To the fullest extent permitted by law, except as expressly stated in this agreement, Shufflrr makes no warranty of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use or non-infringement and any warranties arising out of the course of dealing or usage of trade. Your use of the Services is at your own risk, and Shufflrr makes no warranty that the Services will meet your requirements or be available on any uninterrupted, secure, or error-free basis, or operate at any particular speed. Shufflrr makes no representations about any content or information in or from an End User account or Customer Site. Shufflrr is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, or legality of files, user posts, or any other information in or from an End User account or Customer Site. Shufflrr has no responsibility or liability for (a) any failure of the Services to store data, information, content, or files, (b) the deletion of data, information, content, or files stored on the Services, or (c) the corruption of or loss of any data, information, content, or files stored on the Services.

We work hard to make sure that the Services operate as intended, stay up and are secure, but we are not liable if anything goes wrong. You use Shufflrr completely at your own risk.

(The use of CAPS LOCK to the left, and everywhere else you see it in this Agreement, isn't screaming... It just means something is really important and we don't want you to miss it.)

9. Fees & Payment

(a) Fees. Customer will pay, and authorizes Shufflrr to charge using Customer's selected payment method, for all applicable fees related to Shufflrr's provision of the Services. Fees will be determined based upon the service package selected by the Customer at the time of signing up, or where applicable, by reference to an invoice between Shufflrr and Customer. Fees are non-refundable except as required by law. Customer is responsible for providing complete and accurate billing and contact information to Shufflrr at all times, and promptly updating such information if it changes. Shufflrr may suspend or terminate the Services if fees are past due.

(b) Auto Renewals and Trials. If Customer's account is set to auto renewal, automatic billing or is in a trial period, Shufflrr may automatically charge at the end of the trial, for the renewal or for the recurring charge unless Customer notifies Shufflrr that Customer wants to cancel, disable auto renewal or disable automatic billing. Shufflrr may revise Service rates by providing Customer at least 30 days notice prior to the next charge.

(c) Taxes. Customer is responsible for all taxes. Shufflrr will charge tax when required to do so. If Customer is required by law to withhold any taxes, Customer must provide Shufflrr with an official tax receipt or other appropriate documentation.

Customer agrees to promptly pay any amounts it owes to Shufflrr for using the Services. The amount owed will be determined by either the plan the Customer signed up for, or a separate invoice if we come to a special agreement.

If payment isn't made on time, we may shut off your access to the Services.

Under auto-renewing plans and at the end of free trials, Shufflrr may initiate an automatic charge. You can avoid this by letting us know ahead of time that you want to cancel or disable automatic billing.

We might change our rates, but we'll give you at least 30 days notice if we do.

Customer is responsible for paying its own taxes.

10. Term & Termination.

(a) Term. This Agreement will remain in effect until the later of (i) the expiration of Customer's subscription to the Services or the Agreement is otherwise terminated; or (ii) the Customer and all End Users ceasing to use the Services.

(b) Termination for Breach. Either Shufflrr or Customer may suspend performance or terminate this Agreement if: (i) the other party is in material breach of the Agreement and fails to cure that breach within 30 days after receipt of written notice or (ii) the other party ceases its business operations or becomes subject to insolvency proceedings and the proceedings are not dismissed within 90 days.

(c) Termination at Will.

  1. By Customer. Customer may terminate this Agreement at any time by disabling Customer's account via the admin console.

  2. By Shufflrr. Shufflrr reserves the right to discontinue the Services in their entirety at any time and without prior notice. If Shufflrr discontinues Services that have already been paid for, a pro rata refund will be issued for the remaining time in the current subscription period. Shufflrr may cancel or suspend a Customer account if payment has not been made when due, with or without notice. If Customer or End User engages in any activity that is harmful to Shufflrr, our other customers and end users, or any third parties, Shufflrr will have the right to terminate or suspend the Customer or End User Account, or take any other necessary action immediately at Shufflrr's sole discretion and without prior notice.

(d) End User Termination. End Users may stop using the Services at any time. For billing purposes, an End User account will be considered active, and the Customer will be charged for that End User account, unless it has been deleted by Customer or an Administrator.

(e) Effects of Termination. If this Agreement terminates: (a) the rights granted by Shufflrr to Customer will cease immediately (except as set forth in this section); (b) the rights granted by Shufflrr to End User will cease immediately; (c) Shufflrr may provide Customer access to its account at then-current rates so that Customer may export its information, provided that Shufflrr will be under no obligation to do so if (i) the termination is in connection with a breach of the Shufflrr Acceptable Use Policy, or (ii) providing such access would, in Shufflrr's sole discretion, constitute a risk to security of the Services or the privacy of other customers or end users, or harmful to any party; and (d) after a commercially reasonable period of time, Shufflrr may delete any data relating to Customer's account. The following sections will survive expiration or termination of this Agreement: 1(b) (Administrator Control), 3(d) Third Party Requests, 5 (Intellectual Property Rights), 8 (Disclaimers), 9 (Fees & Payment), 10(e) (Effects of Termination), 11 (Indemnification), 12 (Limitation of Liability), and 13 (Miscellaneous) and the Shufflrr Acceptable Use Policy.

This Agreement will be in effect until your subscription expires or one of us terminates it, and it will continue as long as you or any End Users are using the Services.

Either your or Shufflrr can terminate this Agreement if the other party is violating it and won't stop when asked. The contract can also be terminated if you or Shufflrr go out of business.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by disabling your account in the admin console.

Shufflrr plans to offer this service for a long time, but reserves the right to completely discontinue the services at any time, and without notice. If that happens, Shufflrr will give a refund for any time left on the subscription period.

Shufflrr may also terminate or suspend accounts if payment isn't made when due.

If you are doing something we think is dangerous or harmful to Shufflrr, our other users, or any third parties, we may shut down your account immediately and without notice.

End Users can stop using the Service at any time, but unless an Administrator turns off the Account, the Customer may still be billed for that End User account.

When the Agreement terminates, you can't use the Services any more. Shufflrr may allow you to log in for the purposes of exporting your data.

However, if the Agreement is terminated because of a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy or we think giving you access to the network could be harmful to Shufflrr, its users or any third parties, we can deny you the right to access your data.

After an account has been terminated, we will wait a reasonable amount of time and then delete everything.

Some parts of this Agreement will remain in effect even after it is terminated.

11. Indemnification.

You will be responsible for any damage you cause us, including, if necessary, defending any lawsuits and paying any damages.

We will be responsible for any claim that Shufflrr's Services violate another party's intellectual property rights.

If either of us has a claim which we need the other to defend or pay for, we will provide prompt notice. The party defending or paying the claim has discretion over how to handle it.

If there is an issue with Shufflrr's violation of another party's intellectual property rights, this indemnification is the only remedy Customer has.

12. Limitation of Liability.

We're not liable for anything that happens when you use Shufflrr. Like, literally nothing.

The most you can claim in any dispute with Shufflrr is what you've paid to use the Services over the past year.

13. Miscellaneous

Wow you're still reading this? You get a prize: more terms and conditions for the terms and conditions!

Shufflrr can change this contract at any time.

This is the complete Agreement between us, and overrides everything else.

We <3 New York!

We like you a lot and don't want to fight. If there's a problem, you agree to reach out to us and give us a chance to fix it, first through Customer Support, and second through negotiation.

If you're still not happy, let's keep this out of the courts and deal with it in arbitration

To keep the process quick and easy, for all claims under $10,000.00, both sides will send documents to the arbitrator rather than showing up in person.

If for some reason part of this Agreement is invalid, down, the rest of the Agreement will still be in effect.

If you want to notify us of something super official, please use our mailing address.

Just because we let something slide doesn't mean we give up the right to enforce it later.

You can't give your rights under this Agreement to anyone else without getting Shufflrr's permission first.

We like working with you, but we're not officially partners, and we aren't your employee.

If something really crazy happens outside of anyone's control (like a hurricane or a war), it might be impossible for you or Shufflrr to uphold parts of this Agreement. That's no one's fault, so we won't hold each other responsible.

This contract is for you (and your End Users if applicable) and Shufflrr. No one else gets any benefits from it.

The United States has certain laws about doing business with other countries, and other countries might have laws about doing business with the U.S. Don't break any of those laws!

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is provided in order to disclose our policies and procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing your information. Users can access the Shufflrr service (the "Services" as defined in the Terms of Service) through our website,, by connecting to it with any device we support. A "Device" means any desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device used to connect to the Services. This Privacy Policy governs your access to the Services provided by Shufflrr, regardless of how you access it, and by using our Services, you consent to the collection, transfer, processing, storage, disclosures and other uses described in this Privacy Policy, all of which are necessary for Shufflrr to provide the Services. All the the different forms of data, content, and information described below are collectively referred to as information.

In order to use our awesome presentation management platform, you need to share certain information with us, and we need your consent to use your information to deliver the Services.

This document explains how we use this information, and what we will and will not do with it.

By using our Services, you agree to this Privacy Policy and consent to our use of your information as described within it.

1. The Information we collect and store.

We need to collect the following kinds of information to provide the Services to you:

  • Any information you give us when you register or use the services. We will never collect such information without your consent.

  • If you are an End User under your employer's account, we may also have any information that your employer gave us when your account was set up.

  • If you were sent a presentation, it's because one of our users asked us to send it to you.

  • If you want to use files, pictures, videos or anything else with the Services, you're gonna have to share them with us.

  • We collect some technical log data, including information about your computer and your activity when using the Services.

  • When you log into the Services, your computer may be given cookies. Don't eat them! They are small files stored by your browser which help the Services run smoothly and remember who you are. If you don't like cookies, read your browser documentation to learn how to disable them (but be aware this may prevent the Services from functioning properly).

2. How we use Personal Information

Now that you know what kind of information we are collecting, it's time to tell you what we'll do with it.

  • We don't access location tracking through GPS-enabled devices you use to connect to Shufflrr.

  • Some kinds of files (especially pictures and videos) include information about the location they were recorded (e.g., where you took a picture or video). If you upload these files to the Services, that information may be visible to Shufflrr or to other users. If you don't want that to happen, please don't upload files with embedded location information.

  • We are big believers in using data to improve our Services, so we put a lot of the information we gather to use to better understand how people use the Services and how they can be improved.

3. Information Sharing and Disclosures

Now that we've gone over how Shufflrr will use your information, let's talk about the how we share it others.

  • Your user profile may be visible to other users, including your employer if you are an End User using the account for work. Don't put anything in there that you wouldn't want them to see.

  • We will never sell your personal information.

  • You may choose to share information through the Services. Depending on who you send it to, this could make the information public. Once something gets out there, it's out of Shufflrr's hands.

  • Some aspects of the Services are helped by trusted third parties. We may share some of your information with them in order to make the Services work, but don't worry—they have comprehensive privacy policies with similar terms to ours. We use Amazon Web Services for most of our hosting, and you can see their detailed policies here .

    We also use Stripe for payment processing, and their privacy policy is here.

  • If you use another program or service to access Shufflrr, it may have access to your information, and we're not responsible for that.

  • We may disclose your information if we're required to by law, or if it's necessary to prevent harm to Shufflrr, our users, or third parties.

  • We'll let you know when that happens (if we're allowed to). If you have a reasonable basis for opposing such disclosure, we'll try to help.

  • If Shufflrr changes management, the new management will have access to your data. We'll let you know if that happens.

  • We gather aggregated user data for analytics and may disclose it — but none of that information it will be private or traceable to you.

4. Changing Your Information

What if you need to change your information?

  • You can change your personal information in your account settings page. Administrators may also be able to.

  • Administrators can change any information they are authorized to access in the Admin Console.

5. Deleting Your Information

How about deleting your information from Shufflrr?

  • Customers and authorized Administrators can contact Customer Support to request deletion. All the data on that account and the associated user accounts will be irretrievably lost.

  • End Users should speak to an Administrator if they need to delete their account.

6. Data Retention

  • We hold on to your information as long as we need it to provide the Services.

  • We may also hold on to it as required by law.

  • We will delete your information if you ask, unless we need to retain it for legal purposes.

7. Shufflrr Community

  • The Services include social features, such as the ability to comment on or "like" a particular file or content. Anything you post there may be viewable to other End Users, so be careful about what you write!

  • If you follow a link from somewhere on the Services to a third party website, we are not responsible for any information you give them.

8. Administrator Control

  • End User information can be accessed, modified and deleted by Administrators.

  • Refer to your organization's policies for specifics.

9. Security

  • Shufflrr takes security seriously. We use encryption everywhere on the Services and follow best practices to secure your data. That said, nothing is 100% secure.

10. Policy Toward Children

  • Shufflrr is made for grownups. Don't use it if you're under 13, and don't let anyone under 13 use it if you're an adult.

11. Contact

  • Get in touch at the address to the left.

12. Changes to our Privacy Policy

  • "The nature of existence privacy policies is impermanence." So this policy may change from time to time. Don't worry — we'll always let you know if we make any changes that affect you.

Acceptable Use Policy

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