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Add a Shufflrr link in Salesforce

It is easy.


1. Link Salesforce with Shufflrr

– In Salesforce, get your Org ID

Administer => Company Profile => Company Information.

– Next

Goto the settings page on Shufflrr( and under Authentication, check the Salesforce Authentication type and in the textbox just below that, paste the Org ID into that, hit the space button and scroll down the page and the click on the blue save button on the bottom right.

2. Create the Salesforce Tab that links to your Shufflrr.
In Salesforce, go to Setup > Create > Tabs > Web Tabs -> New Full Page Width.
– Next

Tab Type: URL
Tab Label, Tab Name: Shufflrr
Tab Style: Presenter(Or any that you prefer)
Content Frame Height: 720
– Next

Button or Link URL:
* Note: Https should be used.
– Next

Add To Profiles: I chose Default Off, so it would have to be added manually – but this is really up to the Salesforce Administrator
– Next

Add to Custom Apps: I deselected all, but again this is up to the Salesforce Administrator
– Save
3. Add Tab to Salesforce header
To add the tab to your Salesforce page, click on the + on the tab bar, select ‘Customize my tabs’ and add Shufflrr

4. Done.
Shufflrr is now a Tab in Salesforce

sf-screen cap

Shufflrr: File Management for Presentations.

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