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How To Reporting: Slide Tab

How To Reporting: Slide Tab

We’ve explored some Tabs of the Reports interface within Shufflrr, such as the Dashboard and the File tabs. In this post, we will look at the Slide tab. The Slide tab provides information on which slides were created and used by a...
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Speaker giving a talk on corporate Business Conference. Audience at the conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship event.

How One Leading Pharmaceutical Company Optimized its Speakers’ Bureau Presentations

Biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers face an uphill battle when it comes to getting doctors and healthcare professionals to prescribe their new drugs and devices. Many of them use speakers’ bureaus—which can be notoriously difficult to manage effectively—to increase...
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Shufflrr File Tab in Reports

How To: File Tab in Reports

We explored the main Dashboard tab in Reports in a previous post, and you’ll find that while the Dashboard tab is an amazing place to see the larger picture, you’ll want to visit the other tabs within Reports to dive...
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Shufflrr QuickView Area

How To: Reporting – Understanding the QuickView Area

When you access the Dashboard within the Reports area of Shufflrr, you are presented with the QuickView, a simple graph that gives a quick view of the files and users over a specific time period. It defaults to show you...
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How to: Slide Layouts in PowerPoint

To change the Slide Layout of a slide in PowerPoint, you will first bring up the Home tab of the Ribbon and then click on the Layout button. The resulting Layout gallery, shown in Figure 1 has several Slide Layouts. Depending upon the active Theme, you may see a number of...
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Where You Are Going and Why with Alexanndra Ontra & James Ontra Co-founders and Co-owners of Shufflrr LLC

March 8, 2018
Jon Winkel
Originally appeared on The Entrepreneur Way by Neil Ball AlexAnndra Ontra is a Co-Founder of Shufflrr and oversees Operations, including client services, sales, and marketing. Alex applies her expertise in Presentation Management to service Shufflrr’s broad array of clients including...
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How To: Reporting in Shufflrr

Shufflrr’s analytics provide the metrics into the file and slide usage, as well as all Shufflrr activity, so you not only have real-time knowledge and feedback as to what content is resonating in the field, but you also have a...
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Presentations Are the Stories of Your Business

Storytelling is the most important facet of effective presentations. Unfortunately, in the age of PowerPoint, many presenters rely too much on technology and forget how important stories are. To get the results you’re looking for, build your presentations on a...
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“Balance Client’s Short-Term Needs With Your Long-Term Vision” 5 Leadership Lessons With James And AlexAnndra Ontra

February 14, 2018
Jon Winkel
First published via BuzzFeed by Jonathan Winkel I had the pleasure of interviewing James and AlexAnndra Ontra, an entrepreneurial brother-sister duo that founded the presentation management company, Shufflrr. James and Alex believe presentations are critical communications to the enterprise. Their company...
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