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Broadcast your presentations online. Shufflrr’s live theater lets you invite anyone to view your presentation, where you can show them a prepared PowerPoint deck, or spontaneously present any slide or file, from anywhere in your Shufflrr library, on the fly. It changes the dynamic of a typical, passive, linear slide show, and turns it into an interactive and engaging meeting.

Presenting interactive gives you the power and flexibility to adapt the presentation to the conversation. You can answer any question intelligently — at the most critical moment, when someone asks — instead of saying, “I’ll look into it and get back to you.”

Interactive Presentation

Slide 1 to Slide 6 to Slide 22 to Slide 5.  Skip around a prepared PowerPoint file, as the meeting  conversation dictates.  Or change the subject entirely.  Access any slide or file from the Shufflrr library during your presentation.  Your audience does not see you searching, to them it’s seamless.

Linear Presentation

Slide 1 to Slide 2 to Slide 3.  Your typical PowerPoint slide show, with video, PDF and MS Word and Excel nicely integrated.  It’s how most of us are comfortable presenting.

Shufflrr makes presentation management easy.

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