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Broadcast your presentations online. Shufflrr’s live theater lets you invite anyone to view your presentation, where you can show them a prepared PowerPoint deck, or spontaneously present any slide or file, from anywhere in your Shufflrr library, on the fly. It changes the dynamic of a typical, passive, linear slide show, and turns it into an interactive and engaging meeting.

  • Present Linear – Your typical PowerPoint presentation, where slides are presented in a pre-saved sequence. Slide 1 to Slide 2 to Slide3.
  • Present Interactive – Jump ahead or go back in your Presentation. Slide 1 to Slide 5 to Slide 8, and back to Slide 2.   Or change the subject entirely. Shufflrr lets you search and present any slide or file in the library during a live broadcast. It’s easy for the presentation to find that one slide on the fly, and it’s seamless for the audience. They won’t see you search.

Shufflrr — Turn your presentations into a marketing asset!

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