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what is your story


Written by Anna Kucirkova and first published at Masters In Communication. Humans have been telling stories for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, stories are the way we have a ‘collective memory’ at all. From early epic poets…


Presentation Studio – We write, design, manage and train on all types of presentations.

Presentation Studio is APAC’s leading presentation agency. We write, design, manage and train on all types of presentations for some of the most influential companies in the world. We provide onsite support and consultation for events and pitches. Plus, we…


Ink Factory – You Talk. We Draw. It’s Awesome.

Ink Factory is a team of artists who help you think and communicate through drawing. Visual note-taking is the art of translating conversations into real-time drawings. They’re a proven way to engage audiences and help people remember more information. They’re…


Visual Thinking – How to transform the way you think, communicate and influence with presentations

Presentations are our most valuable business tool today. In Visual Thinking, Emma Bannister helps you (and your organization) to write, design and deliver a powerful presentation that influences your audience to act. Presentations are our default way of communicating professional, business and…


Roy Illustration – Visual Solutions for Science & Medicine

Convey your complex information clearly with graphics that are accurate, efficient, and beautiful. About Roy Illustration Roy Illustration is an award-winning biomedical illustration and visualization studio. We specialize in medical, biological, and scientific illustration, animation, data visualization and design. Roy…

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