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Presentation Management: A Foundation for Business Success

First published 10/9/2018 Commpro.Biz Presentations are important assets that directly affect the success of your business. But too often, large organizations treat presentations as throwaways – used only once before they are lost in an email or buried in…


“Balance Client’s Short-Term Needs With Your Long-Term Vision” 5 Leadership Lessons With James And AlexAnndra Ontra

First published via BuzzFeed by Jonathan Winkel I had the pleasure of interviewing James and AlexAnndra Ontra, an entrepreneurial brother-sister duo that founded the presentation management company, Shufflrr. James and Alex believe presentations are critical communications to the enterprise. Their company…


5 Tools to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Engaged During the Summer

First published via Fox Business by Bonnie Halper For many companies, summer means lower productivity and a lack of engagement. With many employees either working remotely or on vacation, it can be challenging to get your team operating as a cohesive…


5 Genius Ways to Repurpose Your Best Marketing Content

First published via Inc. by Wanda Thibodeaux The more ways you present your existing information, the more value it has. OK. So you’ve got a killer business message and information you’re insanely proud of. You’ve already published or otherwise presented it,…


Working the Room: Three Trust Traps Leaders Must Avoid

First published via Huffpost by Lisa Nirell Leaders often tell me that they feel like the legendary comedian, Rodney Dangerfield. As they swim in a sea of eroding trust and digital complexity, “they don’t get no respect.” Unlike a fun-filled…

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