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How Presentation Management Evolves with Your Business

By AlexAnndra Ontra, Co-Founder of Shufflrr and Author of Presentation Management: The New Strategy for Enterprise Content Thanks in large part to advancements in modern technology, companies are evolving at breakneck speed, but it’s no surprise that business growth invites new challenges….

The best storytellers in the world – media companies – tell their stories with Shufflrr

Like most media companies, your sales team probably isn’t within arm’s reach. It’s dispersed all over the country—or all over the globe. And each salesperson might have their own personal sales presentation sitting on their laptop. That’s bound to lead…


This Is How We Do It

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a client say, “But this is how we do it!” I could retire quite comfortably. Unfortunately, I don’t. So instead, I try to help our clients embrace change by demonstrating…

Presentation Sstrategy

Indezine conversation with James Ontra: Presentation Management is Strategic to Enterprise Communication.

Created: Thursday, July 27, 2017, posted to Indezine by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:30 am James Ontra from Shufflrr discusses how presentation management is strategic to enterprise communication in this conversation. Geetesh: James, in your opinion how is Presentation Management strategic to enterprise communication?…


This NYC Startup Raised $200K for Intelligent Presentation Management

Published by AlleyWatch.    Every audience is different and therefore every sales pitch should be different. Unfortunately, we like to reuse sales presentations hoping that our pitch will stay effective regardless of the audience. While the solution is to individualize every…

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Salespeople Burn 50+ Hours Each Month Managing Presentations

The average salesperson spends way too much time managing presentations. In this post, we’ll help you learn how your organization can streamline presentation management and reclaim thousands of hours—increasing your team’s effectiveness and boosting your bottom line. Some key ideas…


What Is Presentation Management?

Let’s set the scene A senior sales executive is in the midst of closing the biggest deal in your company’s history, and this is the last meeting. The CEO of your company is there and several senior stakeholders from both…

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