Now Genentech’s Avastin group
can have PowerPoint presentations
with the Compliance Baked right In.

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Are you right to be cautious about giving speakers the ability to customize presentations for speaker bureaus?

The archaic PowerPoint process is so embedded in enterprises, everyone accepts it as the only way. So, in order to remain compliant, the current way of managing presentations means speakers are given PPTs with “locked down” content. Your speakers are fonts of knowledge. They could be far more relevant to their audiences if you could confidently give them the freedom to customize their slides based on their audiences’ specific interests.

Now there’s a better way to manage your presentation assets.

Shufflrr transforms your presentations from one-and-done to enterprise assets. Now the Avastin group can create, update, share, and broadcast presentations in a fast and efficient manner.

Thought leaders in your speaker bureaus are huge assets. Imagine how much more effective they would be if they could tailor every presentation to put just the right content in front of every audience.

One of your MSLs has scheduled a doctor to present to a speaker bureau of Gynecologic Oncologists in Florida.

Here’s an example:

One of your MSLs has scheduled a doctor to present to a speaker bureau of Gynecologic Oncologists in Florida. Ideally, that speaker should be able to add relevant slides to make the presentation more meaningful – for instance, trends in gynecologic cancer among elderly women.

Before Shufflrr, giving the speakers any level of flexibility would expose you to compliance issues. Now you can because the compliance is built right into the Shufflrr presentation options. You determine the level of access and flexibility each user has. If a slide requires a certain detail, then it travels with the slide and no one can forget to have it in the presentation. It’s fully automated.

You might choose to allow HCPs some flexibility in their presentations. And you can confidently go so far as to give your feet-on-the-street salespeople the freedom to pull in pre-built slides that give them more customization for their 2-minute doctor details. Even with all that flexibility, you’re still in control.

Shufflrr’s Presentation Management solution is already procurement and security approved

Currently, 200 MSLs inside Genentech are using Shufflrr to make their presentation building easier, 100% compliant, and more creative.

See the video below for an overview.

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