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Enterprise-grade File Sharing

Finally, ultimate control and flexibility at your fingertips.

With Shufflrr, your content never leaves your control. Send and share your files, large and small, without the need for 3rd party applications or file limit issues. No more clogged up emails, no more version issues, no more outdated content.

Secure link sharing

Share files with 3rd parties, like clients, with a secure link to one or more files.  You control whether they just view them online or give them permission to download the file. With just a couple clicks, you can push slide changes or remove slides universally.

An unparalleled customer experience

Whether you’re sharing a presentation with an internal salesperson or directly with the prospect, your Shufflrr interface is sure to impress. With your own brand and logo, forward and an easy, simple interface – your portal will look as good as your files.

Rich reporting and insights

Who downloaded what? And when? Whether you are trying to answer these questions at the organization or individual level, Shufflrr’s robust reporting features have you covered.

Alerts and notifications

Senders receive alerts that their customer has viewed or downloaded the file, letting them know if they’re interested or not.

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