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At some point, every company uses maps in their presentations, since they are part of a company’s corporate story.

This free map template can be a great component of your corporate story, but only if – and all your presentations for that matter – are managed correctly.

Presentation Management is a process that stores and manages slides so they can easily be used, reused, shared, updated, tracked and organized for the whole enterprise, not just one meeting.

So you and your team can use this free map template, over and over again, for everyone’s benefit. It makes them smart. More use for the same amount of effort.

Presentation workflow for the enterprise

Presentation workflow for the enterprise

Presentation Management let’s everyone re-use slides easily and effectively.

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself to make sure you get optimal use of this free map template?

  1. Will this “Map” slide be easily accessible by others in your enterprise after you are done getting it just right?
  2. Even if they can access it, will they be able to find it?
  3. If it changes again, will you be sure everyone is using the most up-to-date “Map” slide every time?

For most companies, the answer is no.

Here is a sample of the slides you will get.

thumbnail slides

Presentation Management makes your PowerPoints powerful.

Four easy steps to make your free map template (and all your decks) more powerful:

  1. Download the free template onto your PC or Mac
  2. Customize it with your company’s logo, graphics, color scheme, etc.
  3. Thank “Shufflrr” on social media.
  4. Sign up for Shufflrr and see how Presentation Management makes PowerPoint powerful.


Learn more about Presentation Management for FREE. We wrote the book and you can get your copy now.


This cool map template will likely end up lost in your PC if your company doesn’t have a strategy to effectively create, update and manage your presentations. That’s why we invented Presentation Management. It’s a communications strategy within your enterprise to take the pain out of PowerPoint. Get our book for free to learn how to build a culture of Presentation Management within your organization to save time, money, and your precious slides.

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