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Getting Started with Shufflrr Slide Library

Shufflrr is an easy and intuitive presentation management program. But sometimes, looking at an empty Shufflrr site can be a little daunting. You have thousands of files and hundreds of users…. Where do you start? If you follow the steps in this guide, you will be well on your way. We broke down the onboarding process into 5 main tasks. And, if you have any questions, or need help, Shufflrr support is only a phone call or email away.

1. Content

Features and functions are great. But content is KING! IWhen you introduce your Shufflrr site to your team, show them the files and slide that they need to get their job done. If they are confident that their material is in Shufflrr, they will use Shufflrr, and continue to use Shufflrr. So, we start with content.

Some clients find Content organization to be a daunting task. You look at your network and see thousands of files! There is so much to cull through, where do you start?

20/20 Rule

20 PowerPoint decks, 20 slides each.

We recommend the 20/20 rule to get started. Pick your 20 best files. They could be the most recent, the most used, or used in your last big meeting. They could be 20 different files, each covering different aspects of your business. Now, break those files into 20 slides each (give or take).

The idea behind the 20/20 rule is to help you get started. 20 files is a manageable amount, to edit, if need be, upload and organize into the site.   It’s the content foundation, upon which you build. Enough to get started, enough to determine the hierarchy.   You can add and delete files as your business dictates. The 20/20 rule simply gives you a starting point.

File Formats Supported

Shufflrr supports all file formats. You can store any kind of file, expect for .exe and .vbs files for security reasons.

Files that can be integrated into a new PowerPoint deck created in Shufflrr are: MS Office PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, Adobe PDF, Video and Image files.

2. Folder Structure – Content Hierarchy

Every Shufflrr site has a minimum of two folders – a Global folder accessible to all users, and a My Presentations folders that is only accessible to each individual.

Global Folder

You can change the name of the Global folder. Delete it. Or add new folders, and grant permissions to users as needed. Create folders based on subject matter and or group, but try to limit the number of folders. The more folders you have, the more “digging” your users will be forced to do, in order find a slide or file.

When your files have consistent, descriptive names, you need fewer folders. If you have fewer than three (3) files on any given topic, then use descriptive file names. It will be easier for your users to find the file.

Folder Permissions

When you need to limit access to files to certain groups or individuals. Then, create a folder for that content, and assign permissions to that group or individual only.

When you want to give access to a folder to everyone, assign permissions to “All Users.”

My Presentations

Every user has a My Presentations folder. This is the default folder for saving and uploading their own content into Shufflrr. That way, they can use Shufflrr to create new presentations based on Master files.

3. Tags & Search

In determining and assigning tags, first consider how Shufflrr’s search function.CTg

PowerPoint Files: Shufflrr will search terms in the file name, title, text boxes and speaker notes.

All Other Files Types: Shufflrr will search the file name.

Therefore, you do not need to tag items that will show up in naturally in search. It’s redundant and adds clutter to your site. For example, if the word “blue” exists in the body copy of a PowerPoint file, then you do no need to add a tag to that file or slide, “blue.”

Use tags sparingly, when you want to expand the reach of a particular slide or file.

Use tags for other file types (i.e. Word, Excel, Video, PDF, etc.) where Shufflrr does not search into the file.

4. Site Settings

Site Settings are in the Administration backend, available only to Portal Administrators. This is where you set up the overall controls for your Shufflrr site. Here are the highlights, with call-outs.


5.  Users & Groups

We recommend adding users as a last step, because first time a user logs into the Shufflrr site, they will look for files. Features and functions are great, but content is KING! So do not grant access until you have a reasonable amount of content in there. We recommend timing the Shufflrr invitation to the user training. That way when the user gets his email invitation, it will top of mind, and therefore won’t get lost in his in-box.

By default, everyone is assigned to “All Users” and receives the permissions accordingly.

Determine and create groups based on the following criteria:

  • Do they need permissions to select folders?
  • Do they need permissions, or deny permissions, to select functions?

If you answered, “yes” to either of the above questions, then create a group and assign permissions accordingly.

If you answered, “no” then leave everyone in “All Users” with the same levels of access.


6.  Shufflrr Support, Training & Consultation Included

I know, we said 5 steps but here is a bonus. Shufflrr includes 4 hours of consulting with every subscription. We advise and work with you to help you determine the best content, tagging, grouping, and or training strategy. And, we will host a web training session (or two, or three, or four). We don’t nickel and dime, and we don’t keep a stop watch running every time we talk. Our priority is ensuring you and your team get the full benefit and value from Shufflrr. So please, think of us your professional presentation team.


Email us at:

File Management for Presentations

Shufflrr organizes your PowerPoint files, slides, video, images and documents for presentations.

PowerPoint Slide Library

Manage PowerPoint presentations and ensure presentation compliance across your enterprise. Manage hundreds to thousands of slides and marketing, training and sales materials from one place.

Presentation Compliance

Ensure that everyone in your organization is accessing branded, compliant presentation material, all of the time.

File Management

Not just PowerPoint! Shufflrr supports MS Office files, images, PDFs, PSDs, and video files: WMV, AVI, MPG, MP4, M4V and MOV.

PowerPoint Slide Level Search

Find the slide you need, when you need it. Shufflrr’s search targets not only file names and tags, but also slide content, speaker notes and meta data.

Create New Decks in Half the Time

Easily move between presentations and preview slides before adding them to your new deck. Then, drag and drop the slide(s) and files you want into a new PowerPoint file.

Broadcast Presentations Live

Broadcast live and share any presentation online with Shufflrr. Just click the “Live” button to invite others to view what you are viewing. No plug in, no software, it just works in any browser.

Enterprise Grade File Sharing

Share links to files and collaborate with colleagues in a private folder.

Business Social

You can “like” and “comment” on files, making it easy for a closed group to share their business experience and knowledge, as it relates to sales and marketing materials.

Salesforce Integration

Single Sign On with your Salesforce account to access Shufflrr can be running within an hour. One less user name and password for your team to remember.

Slide Updating

Slide updating guarantees message and presentation compliance. Shufflrr automatically updates slides in child presentations when you update a parent presentation. Updates can be forced or user’s choice.

Simple Pricing

Shufflrr pricing is easy to understand. It is priced on a per user per month basis. It starts at $20/user month and drops as you add more users.

Getting Started

We will help you along the way. From organizing and populating your Shufflrr site, to training your team, we include up to four hours of presentation management consulting with your subscription.


Shufflrr features and functions set the standard for Presentation Management.

Mobile Friendly

Shufflrr is build with mobile in mind. All pages are optimized for the wide array of devices available.

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