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Your company has invested hundreds of millions ensuring that the proper brand and message is executed across all media: broadcast, print, digital, social, etc. But presentations are often forgotten in the marketing mix, which is ironic given that presentations are how employees are trained and products are sold.  So it makes sense to ensure that the brand and message uses in presentations are also compliant.  Shufflrr’s Predictive Slides™ achieves presentation compliance in a couple of ways:

  • Master library of slides and files that are readily accessible gives makes it easier for your team to use the latest, up-to-date content (instead of just re-using whatever is on their desktop)
  • Shufflrr’s slide updating feature pushes out updated slides into individual presentations
  • Shufflrr’s Presentation Builder matches slides based on subject matter will automatically include required information, like safe harbor language, disclaimers, etc, into a presentation.

File Management for Presentations

Shufflrr organizes your PowerPoint files, slides, video, images and documents for presentations.

PowerPoint Slide Library

Manage PowerPoint presentations and ensure presentation compliance across your enterprise. Manage hundreds to thousands of slides and marketing, training and sales materials from one place.

Presentation Compliance

Ensure that everyone in your organization is accessing branded, compliant presentation material, all of the time.

File Management

Not just PowerPoint! Shufflrr supports MS Office files, images, PDFs, PSDs, and video files: WMV, AVI, MPG, MP4, M4V and MOV.

PowerPoint Slide Level Search

Find the slide you need, when you need it. Shufflrr’s search targets not only file names and tags, but also slide content, speaker notes and meta data.

Create New Decks in Half the Time

Easily move between presentations and preview slides before adding them to your new deck. Then, drag and drop the slide(s) and files you want into a new PowerPoint file.

Broadcast Presentations Live

Broadcast live and share any presentation online with Shufflrr. Just click the “Live” button to invite others to view what you are viewing. No plug in, no software, it just works in any browser.

Enterprise Grade File Sharing

Share links to files and collaborate with colleagues in a private folder.

Business Social

You can “like” and “comment” on files, making it easy for a closed group to share their business experience and knowledge, as it relates to sales and marketing materials.

Salesforce Integration

Single Sign On with your Salesforce account to access Shufflrr can be running within an hour. One less user name and password for your team to remember.

Slide Updating

Slide updating guarantees message and presentation compliance. Shufflrr automatically updates slides in child presentations when you update a parent presentation. Updates can be forced or user’s choice.

Simple Pricing

Shufflrr pricing is easy to understand. It is priced on a per user per month basis. It starts at $20/user month and drops as you add more users.

Getting Started

We will help you along the way. From organizing and populating your Shufflrr site, to training your team, we include up to four hours of presentation management consulting with your subscription.


Shufflrr features and functions set the standard for Presentation Management.

Mobile Friendly

Shufflrr is build with mobile in mind. All pages are optimized for the wide array of devices available.

Shufflrr: File Management for Presentations.

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