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Just Published in Fall 2018

A new discipline called presentation management is bringing decades-old presentation technology into the 21st century. Find out how to store and manage slides in the cloud so slides can easily be used, reused, shared, updated, tracked and organized across your entire organization.

Your slides will become smart – embedded with data and analytics so you can actually gauge their performance.

This is a guide on how to adopt presentation management, make it work, and use it to drive change in your presentation culture.

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I’m getting all sorts of comments from people, who said they used to spend four hours downloading decks and trying to reconfigure them, and now, with Shufflrr, they spend about 10 minutes. This allows the sales team to eliminate administrative burdens of their jobs, and get in front of the customer for longer periods of time.

Director of Sales Enablement, ADP

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On any given day, we have five to ten marketing executives distributing updates to our sales force of over 300 people. With these materials, they train travel agents to sell Royal Caribbean, meaning our message must be consistent every step of the way – from marketing, to sales, to consumers. Shufflrr keeps us confident in a competitive industry, and with real-time updates able to be distributed across the world with one click, we can offer a better experience for our Customers.

Learning & Development, RCI

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