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Actionable data and insights at your fingertips.

Shufflrr’s in-depth reporting capabilities are easily accessible in your dashboards. Support your teams with rich information on slide and presentation popularity, usage, views, downloads and much more.


Get in-depth information for individual slides and entire presentations. Shufflrr helps you track metrics like usage, likes, uploads, downloads, comments, and files and individual slides.


See how and where your rich media, like images and videos, are being used. Our “Files” dashboard enables you to track size, downloads, views, comments, likes and shares.


Explore user activity to see how people are using Shufflrr and your content. Shufflrr helps you track actions like downloads, views, likes, comments, shares, group associations, and logins.

Activity Reports.

Get updates in a timeline format to track files across your organization. You’ll know when someone logs in, creates a new presentation, uploads, downloads, deletes, comments and shares.

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