Looking for alternatives to replace Savo? Shufflrr is the world leader in Presentation Management

Seismic, Savo, and KnowledgeTree; while our competitors plan and strategize, Shufflrr continues to innovate and lead the industry.

Shufflrr is a purpose-built platform focused on Presentation Management. We help organizations organize, control, distribute and manage their most powerful corporate asset, the presentation.shufflrr_laptop_v3

When it comes to the most critical features and functionality you need to replace Savo, Shufflrr has you covered. Our platform gives you everything you need today to save time and money while derisking your presentation management strategy:

  • Centralized Storage and Control
  • Instant Slide Updating
  • World-class Security
  • Sharing and Broadcasting
  • Social Features (Commenting, Liking, etc.)
  • Enterprise-grade Reporting and Insights

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Charter Communications was originally using its own intranet to store and share marketing files. Following the merger, Shufflrr enabled Charter Communications to set up one central repository to share and review content which was user friendly, efficient and provided more insights into usage and metrics.

Product Marketing Manager, Charter Communications

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I’m getting all sorts of comments from people, who said they used to spend four hours downloading decks and trying to reconfigure them, and now, with Shufflrr, they spend about 10 minutes. This allows the sales team to eliminate administrative burdens of their jobs, and get in front of the customer for longer periods of time.

Director of Sales Enablement, ADP

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On any given day, we have five to ten marketing executives distributing updates to our sales force of over 300 people. With these materials, they train travel agents to sell Royal Caribbean, meaning our message must be consistent every step of the way – from marketing, to sales, to consumers. Shufflrr keeps us confident in a competitive industry, and with real-time updates able to be distributed across the world with one click, we can offer a better experience for our Customers.

Learning & Development, RCI

Shufflrr is Powerful Presentation Management

Organizational performance is built on speed, accuracy and control. Shufflrr helps you bring these concepts into your most vital content, presentations. From sales teams to speaker bureaus to marketing campaigns, you’ll finally be able to manage and measure everything in one place.

File Management

Centralized control helps you manage and measure your content more effectively. Shufflrr gives you the ability to control access, manage versions and much more.

Slide Updating

Instantly push new information across your teams and around the world. From product updates to regulatory changes; When speed and accuracy matter, Shufflrr ensures performance.


Shufflrr’s world-class security keeps information safe and IT teams happy. Our processes are built on integrity and detailed oversight and have earned seals of approval from institutions like SOC, HIPAA, ISO, SSAE.

Broadcast Live

Enhance your customer experience with responsive, dynamic online presentations. Simply share a link and instantly engage your prospects. Break the mold of linear, non-responsive presentations and broadcast them live in Shufflrr’s real-time Theatres.

Business Social

With Shufflrr’s Business Social features like commenting, liking and much more, you can finally get instant feedback and react accordingly. Finally, create the powerful sales and marketing feedback loop that drives the most agile organizations.


Deep insights coupled with data visualizations help you gather accurate, actionable information. Track and manage data around user activities, slide usage, and more.

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Shufflrr Streamlines Presentation Workflow

Drag and Drop

Save time preparing new PowerPoint presentations by dragging & dropping individual slides and other files into new presentations.

Slide Preview

With easy slide preview, users no longer waste time hunting through their network, hard-drive, or e-mail looking for that “one great slide.”


Keyword search by file name, slide title, slide content, speaker notes, and meta tags. Results are presented as thumbnails and are presented within the context of their parent presentation.


Videos are supported as individual files and embedded within PowerPoint. Users can preview videos, share, present live, and integrate them with new PowerPoint files. Video file types supported are WMV (recommended), MOV, AVI, MP4, and MPG.


Add custom meta-tags to individual slides or entire presentations.


Browse & preview files and sort according to file properties.

Presentation Builder

Assemble a new presentation out of multiple presentations. It’s faster than dragging & dropping one slide at a time, and ensures that information is presented in a logical, compliant manner.


Easily implement and update PowerPoint templates to ensure proper branding across all presentations.

Share with 3rd parties

Create a link to a file and email directly from Shufflrr. Recipients can follow your presentation live.

Present Online

Broadcast presentations directly from Shufflrr, like GoToMeeting or Webex.

No Learning Curve

Intuitive interface, familiar commands, and functionality make it easy for users to start on Day 1.

Version Control

Access previous version of any file.

Comments & Like

Users can like or comment on any file, just like Facebook or Instagram.

PDF Support

Convert PPT to a PDF file, upload and download PDF files, and drag & drop PDFs to embed in a PowerPoint slide.

Image Support

Upload JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP files, preview images, and drag & drop images into a new presentation as its own PPT slide.

Other File type Support

Shufflrr supports MS Office file formats such as Excel, Word, Photoshop, images, video, and more. Just drag & drop a file to embed in a PowerPoint slide.

Device-Friendly Interface

HTML-5: Optimized for iPads and all mobile devices.

Groups and Folder Sharing

End-users can can create sub groups to share and collaborate within Shufflrr. There are three levels in the hierarchy: Global Presentations, My Presentations, and Shared Presentations.


Users can choose which email alerts to receive– such as when a shared file is viewed, downloaded, or uploaded.

Reporting & Auditing

Detailed user reporting, share reporting, comments, and likes.

User data

Shufflrr records contact information, users you’ve shared with, links created, and event logs.

Salesforce Integration

Single-sign through Salesforce

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