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PowerPoint Slide Library

How Presentation Management Evolves with Your Business

By AlexAnndra Ontra, Co-Founder of Shufflrr and Author of Presentation Management: The New Strategy for Enterprise Content Thanks in large part to advancements in modern technology, companies are evolving at breakneck speed, but it’s no surprise that business growth invites new challenges….


3 Pillars of Presentation Management

Share presentations easily Shufflrr allows you to manage PowerPoint presentations and files with your marketing, training and sales teams quickly and easily. Quickly search and find the exact slide, video or deck you need and get them to who needs…

Getting Started with Shufflrr – Quick Tips to Setting up your Slide Library

Shufflrr is easy to use.  The biggest challenge for most of our clients, is figuring out which files to upload into their slide library.  When you look on your network, there are thousands of files.  And they all have good…

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